Opinion: Bruhl has finger on the pulse of the future of Vt.

In August of 2017, I will celebrate 50 years in health care. I have been incredibly privileged to have cared for thousands of people from all walks of life, from millionaire actors in California to the homeless on the streets of Albany, and more recently, migrant Hispanic workers that help keep Addison County dairy farms in production.
That half century has taught me invaluable lessons, most notably the many elements required to adequately care for others: listening to what they say and what they don’t say, applying knowledge and skills with the best ability possible, knowing it may not be enough, knowing when to push forward and when to pause for reassessment or change of course, and always applying basic respect, courtesy and compassion that is culturally sensitive and appropriate.
These elements of caring are not unique to health care professionals; we all know skilled professionals in many trades and professions who exhibit these qualities in serving the public, whether that be in a classroom, law office, pharmacy, landscaper’s garden, artist’s studio, milking parlor, auto mechanic bay or grocery store. Unfortunately, we have not witnessed these qualities on the national political stage this year.
I almost feel like shying away from the national political news, as the degrading rhetoric and lack of adult behaviors there (let alone caring behaviors) is frankly embarrassing. I feel very fortunate to live in a state where our local politicians do not play “follow the leaders” of their respective national parties.
I bring all this up because I have recently had the opportunity to interact with a candidate for the House of Representatives for Addison 5 who demonstrates the qualities of a truly caring politician. He listens with a serious intention to know what is behind the question, and applies his knowledge of local situations and his ideas for future growth and change in a state that struggles with maintaining the quintessential Vermont with moving forward into an inevitable technological future.
He acknowledges that he is new to the political scene but embraces the opportunity with a fresh eagerness mixed with respect for all of his constituents’ concerns. As an actively employed Civics teacher, he literally has his finger on the pulse of the future of Vermont. Because we live in a state with a citizen legislature, he will have his position at school held for him while he works in the legislature fulfilling his civic duty.
I am proud to support Taborri Bruhl for state representative, and encourage your readership to seriously consider this candidate.
Patty Lewis
New Haven

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