Opinion: Thurston, Van Wyck have right approach on taxes

I recently attended a forum in Vergennes to hear the candidates who are running for Addison 3 House of Representatives. The contrast of the two parties and their candidates was starkly clear. To sum it up, the Democratic candidates, Diane Lanpher and Fritz Langrock, think that all is well. I appreciate their positive outlook but what is lacking is the reality of the situation that the beautiful state of Vermont now finds itself.
I heard from these Democrats that Vermont does not have a spending problem but it has a revenue problem. Here lies the big issue of this election. Do we need more taxes in an effort to raise revenue? The carbon tax and the service tax will be on the table next session and I do not think Vermonters can afford any more intrusion into their pocketbooks. If you look at the voting record of Lanpher, she has voted to increase the budget and impose new taxes every year that she has been in office. 2017 will bring $48 million is new taxes and fees!
By contrast there are two very qualified and dedicated Republican candidates who will bring fiscal responsibility and balance back to Montpelier. I heard Warren Van Wyck and Monique Thurston talk about how they have been listening to their constituents and were struck by the repeating theme of “I cannot absorb any more taxes.”
Many Vermonters feel disconnected from the legislature and their representatives that are not listening. Farmers especially feel they are not being heard. Van Wyck and Thurston want to stop the increases in taxes and decrease the budget gap. They both oppose the carbon tax but are on board for cheap, clean, reliable and dispatchable energy.
They want to make our state more friendly to business by streamlining regulations and the permitting process. They want to bring accountability and choice to health care.
Most of all they will add balance, leadership and a different point of view in Montpelier. Let’s get Vermont back on track! The choice is clear. Please re-elect State Representative Warren VanWyck and vote for Monique Thurston. Together they will add well needed balance in Montpelier. Vote Van Wyck and Thurston on Nov. 8.
Cheryl McEwan

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