Bristol Police Log: Bristol police help in search for armed woman after domestic dispute in July

BRISTOL — Bristol police assisted the Vermont State Police in a Lincoln domestic dispute involving a firearm, at 8:33 p.m. on July 5.
In a log of July activity that Bristol Police Chief Kevin Gibbs recently released, he said that the Bristol officer on that call was first dispatched to watch for a vehicle and female driver on Route 116 and Drake Woods Road (Route 17). Troopers went to a farm in Starksboro, also looking for the vehicle and the female driver.
The woman was determined to be at the farm and was hiding from the troopers. It was unknown if she was still armed. The Bristol officer then responded to the farm and assisted until the woman was taken into custody without incident.
Members of the Bristol Police Department also attended a number of trainings in July, including:
•  An eight-hour training on the physical and cyber security of infrastructure, hosted at the Emergency Operations Center in Waterbury; funded by FEMA.
•  A Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies Plus Tactical Options training hosted by Winooski police in Winooski.
•  FireProTec fire extinguisher training, hosted by the Bristol Fire Department.
•  A Department of Homeland Security training on electronic recording of statements in federal criminal investigations; in South Burlington.
A Bristol police officer instructed eight hours on canine aggression at the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford.
On six dates in July Bristol police provided town-contracted traffic patrol on road including Burpee, Hardscrabble, Hewitt, and Stoney Hill roads, and Route 116. Officers issued one ticket for stop light violation, four speeding tickets and eight warnings.
In other July actions, the Bristol police:
•  Assisted the Bristol Recreation Department with its Super Hero Camp on July 1. Camper “Super Heroes” captured the “Villain,” and Chief Kevin Gibbs took the “Villain” into custody.
•  Investigated a Mountain Street resident’s concern, on July 1, that a man who had knocked on the door, claiming to be looking for antiques, was actually checking out the home for burglary. Police checked for the suspect and vehicle, but found nothing.
•  Investigated a reported discharge of fireworks on East Street on July 1. Police found no fireworks and continued to patrol the area throughout the evening.
•  Attended to a woman in distress at a Main Street business on July 1, and assisted the Bristol Rescue Squad in transporting her to Porter Hospital.
•  Investigated a hit and run on Garfield Street on July 1. A silver station wagon/SUV reportedly struck a building and left. Police are investigating.
•  Helped an injured woman at a South Street residence get transported to Porter Hospital, on July 2.
•  On July 2 investigated a vehicle had the mirror knocked off while parked the day before on West Street. Police could not determine if it was a motor vehicle crash or vandalism. Anyone with information on this is asked to contact Bristol police at 453-2533.
•  Responded to a Vermont State Police request to help rescue personnel with a combative male in Starksboro on July 2.
•  Checked in on an elderly South Street resident on behalf of family on July 2. Police advised the resident that family was trying to reach them.
•  Investigated an unattended vehicle in the Bartlett Falls area on July 2.
•  Conducted quarterly sex offender registry checks on 11 different Bristol residents between July 3 and 7 and found all subjects to be in compliance.
•  Assisted state police in responding to a reported burglary-in-process at Blaise’s Riverside Trailer Park on July 3. Officers detected forced entry, entered the residence but found no suspects on the scene. Officers secured the residence. Police said that the response request was delayed due to an alarm registration issue with the Department of Public Safety.
•  Responded to a two-car crash at the intersection of West and Maple streets at 9:06 p.m. on July 3. Police completed a crash report, and then both vehicles left the scene.
•  Referred an out-of-district noise complaint to the state police on July 4.
•  Provided traffic help and security for the Fourth of July Outhouse Race and Parade on July 4.
•  Contacted the owner of a debit card found at the Merchant’s Bank on July 4.
•  Participated in a two-hour checkpoint in Vergennes for the holiday Governor’s Highway Safety Campaign on July 4. No arrests were made.
•  Assisted the Bristol Rescue Squad with a male reported as unconscious on Hardscrabble Road at 11 p.m. on July 5. The patient refused transport from rescue. Police took two juveniles from the residence to stay with a responsible adult family member for the evening.
•  Investigated a “Bennington flag” reported stolen from the porch of a Maple Street residence on July 5. The flag, with a circle of stars and “76” inside the circle on the blue section of the flag, was taken from the resident’s porch sometime during the night.
•  Notified the Essex owner of a credit card found on Airport Drive on July 5.
•  Received, on July 5, a lost cell phone, found at the Bristol Ledges, and held it for the owner’s father to pick up.
•  Responded with Bristol Rescue to a Mountain Street home for a male subject who was intoxicated at 6:46 p.m. on July 5. The male refused transport, and a family member agreed to check on him later.
•  Responded to Bristol Rescue’s request for assistance with a male on Mountain Street who had fallen after mixing alcohol and medications at 3:24 a.m. on July 6. Rescue had loaded and transported the male before police arrived.
•  Received an iPod reportedly found during the fireworks near the Bristol Recreation Field and belonging to “Maisy” and tried to identify the owner on July 6.
•  Patrolled on foot during a band concert in the park on July 6.
•  Responded on July 7 to a West Street gas station, where a driver had pulled away from the pump without removing the fuel hose from their vehicle. Officers found that the driver had returned to the station, and that the pump sustained no permanent damage.
•  Found a used syringe on the playground at Bristol Elementary School on July 8. Officers provided instructions on safe disposal and initiated increased patrol checks on the school.
•  Checked all town parks for people camping on July 8.
•  Assisted with calling hours, on July 8, for the late Darwin Kimball, a veteran Bristol firefighter who had died days earlier from medical complications. Officers set up a temporary crosswalk so visitors parking on Airport Drive could safely cross to pay respects to the family. The next day police assisted the Bristol Fire Department with an escort for Kimball’s funeral procession. The procession went from the new West Street fire station to St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Following the service, police and firefighters then escorted the casket to the old North Street station, to Kimball’s home, to the new station for “Last Call” and then to Greenwood Cemetery.
•  Responded to a Fitch Avenue residence for a reported 911 hang-up and found no emergency on July 10.
•  Attempted to locate the owner of a white SUV left parked on Main Street with part of the vehicle protruding into the traveled portion of the road, on July 11. While the officer walked the area and attempted to locate the owner, the owner returned and moved the SUV further into the parking spot.
•  Investigated a report of threatening phone calls on July 11. The officer determined that the caller was upset about the death of a friend, not threatening.
•  Responded to a report on July 11 at 3:52 p.m. of trash and dog waste left near the river on the east side of South Street. Officers found that the waste had been removed prior to their arrival. The Bristol Police Department would like to remind citizens using town parks that trash is to be properly disposed of and tickets will be issued to violators.
•  Responded to a motor vehicle crash in the Shaw’s parking lot at 6:23 p.m. on July 11.
•  Responded to a reported vehicle accident, with injuries and an overturned vehicle in the roadway on Upper Notch Road, at 12:06 p.m. on July 12. Police helped state police secure the scene and take initial measurements.
•  Initiated a fraud investigation on July 13.
•  Received a call on July 13 from a police district resident who reported that they had loaned property to another individual and the property had not been returned. Before police could follow up, the resident called back to say that the property had been returned and no additional assistance was needed.
•  Notified a district resident, on July 13, of an upcoming hearing in Windsor County court to modify an existing relief from abuse order.
•  Responded to a Taylor Avenue noise complaint of a man using a chain saw and disturbing neighbors at 9:24 p.m. on July 13. The man was found to be testing a rebuilt saw and had completed his test when police arrived. Police warned him for noise in the night.
•  Picked up a stray dog at Cubber’s on July 13. Police attempted to identify the owner but were unsuccessful, so they took the dog to the pound and notified animal control.
•  Assisted Bristol Rescue with a Mountain Street male who wanted to go to the hospital because he was intoxicated at 7:19 a.m. on July 14.
•  Assisted state police trying to locate a district resident to inquire about possible contact with their ex-spouse on July 14. The officer was unable to locate the resident but did obtain a phone number, which was passed along to state police.
•  Responded to a report of a German shepherd mix dog left in a vehicle on Main Street at 6:18 p.m. on July 14. An officer found all four windows were down, and the dog did not appear to be in any distress as it was alert and wagged his tail when the officer approached. The temperature was 72 degrees and the sun was out, but the inside of the car did not feel excessively hot. The officer identified the owner by vehicle registration, placed an animal cruelty flyer on the car, and checked back on the dog periodically.
•  Checked the welfare of a North Street resident on July 16. Following an accidental 911 call, the operator notified police that the caller was in crisis over a recent traumatic event. The officer spoke with the resident and provided local resources for assistance.
•  Assisted Vermont State Police on July 16, with a medical call at Woodland Drive for a female patient who was agitated and aggressive with family members. Officers arrived to find the woman calm, and the Bristol Rescue Squad transported her to Porter Hospital.
•  Investigated an alarm activation at the Maplefields, at 12:18 a.m. on July 17. Police found the business to be secure.
•  Met with a community member to discuss safety concerns regarding an ex-boyfriend on July 17. Police then communicated with the ex-boyfriend about refraining from contact.
•  Received a report, at 1:01 a.m. on July 17, from a resident who was receiving unwanted phone calls and wanted to document the calls but requested no further police action.
•  Assisted an intoxicated male, found lying on the ground on West Pleasant Street. Police called Bristol Rescue, which transported the man to Porter Hospital.
•  Responded to Bartlett Falls, at 12:34 p.m. on July 18, after hearing fire and rescue dispatched for a swimmer in distress after diving from the falls. The Bristol police officer arrived to find the swimmer had been moved to shore by bystanders. The officer provided medical care until Bristol Rescue arrived at the scene and transported the swimmer to Porter Hospital.
•  Responded to a Mountain Street residence for a reported 911 hang-up call on July 20. Police learned that there was an issue with the phone automatically dialing 911 when other numbers were being dialed. No emergency was detected.
•  Assisted Bristol Rescue with a West Pleasant Street woman who had fallen in the garage on July 20. Rescue took the woman to Porter Hospital.
•  On July 20 received a debit card that had been left in the National Bank of Middlebury ATM on Main Street in Bristol. The owner has not yet been located.
•  Investigated a report of a woman seen walking two juveniles and then hitting one of the juveniles while he was on the ground, at 7:37 a.m. on July 21. Police spoke to the complainant, the accused and the juveniles, and then notified the Vermont Department for Children and Families.
•  Warned the driver of a vehicle that had been seen spinning its tires in the recreation field parking lot at 11:35 p.m. on July 21.
•  Stopped two vehicles that were driving on the grass at Mount Abraham Union High School near the football field and bus garage and issued no trespass warnings at 11:55 p.m. on July 21.
• Received a complaint of harassing phone calls from a Main Street resident on July 22. Police report that the complainant has called several time before, speaking with different officers, reporting the same problem. She has been told to block the number, but she refuses to do so. No action was taken.
•  Took a report, on July 22, from a New Haven resident who had lost his wallet in the New Haven River near Sycamore Park. No wallet had been turned into the Bristol police. Police kept the man’s information in case the wallet is found.
•  On July 23 received a report from a resident stating that a West Street business employee was harassing him when in the store. Police also received a request from the West Street business to serve the original complainant with a no trespass notice. Police served the trespass notice the same day.
•  Tried to find a dog reported as running loose in the area of Pleasant Street and then Main Street, at 8:17 a.m. on July 24. Police did not find the dog.
•  Issued a warning for marijuana possession on July 24. During a traffic stop, an officer developed probable cause of narcotic possession. The officer gained consent and conducted a search. A passenger admitted to possessing marijuana, and the marijuana was located. The officer destroyed the marijuana and issued a warning for possession.
•  Received a call at 8:01 p.m. on July 24 from a non-district resident who reported that his vehicle had been backed into, sometime around July 6 in the Shaw’s parking lot. Police directed the man to report the crash to his insurance company.
•  Received a walk-in complaint at 11:55 a.m. on July 25 about harassing messages received over the Snapchat mobile phone application. Police informed both parties of the legal ramifications for harassment by electronic communications and advised that if the messages continued criminal action would be taken.
•  Responded to an alarm sounding from 5 Main St, at 10:37 p.m. on July 25. The officer found water coming from the sprinkler system overflow and Bristol Fire Department personnel found there was a malfunction in the sprinklers.
•  Checked on a vehicle reported as having been parked on West Street for several weeks, on July 26. Police found the vehicle had been moved.
•  Received on July 26 a piece of mail containing a credit card that had reportedly been found on July 15. Police identified the owner and returned the credit card to the issuing bank, as the owner’s address could not be located.
•  Investigated a 911 hang-up on July 26. An officer was dispatched to a Crescent Street residence when a child called 911 and hung up when asked to hand the phone to a parent. The parent told police that his child had been playing with a cell and there was no emergency.
Public awareness note: Cell phones and landlines without service but with power will work to dial 911. Parents should be careful not to let children play with cell phones or landline phones that are plugged in. Officers are dispatched to look into these calls, which can take them away from other important matters.
•  Responded to a reported disturbance between a male and female walking on the sidewalk behind the Kountry Trailer Park, at 11:58 a.m. on July 26. The 911 caller reported observing the male striking the female in the face and blocking her path on the sidewalk. Police located the juveniles on Maple Street. Both said they had been arguing and shoving each other. Both parties indicated they were not injured and wished to continue on their way. Police issued two juvenile citations for disorderly conduct.
•  Helped capture a horse loose in the roadway near the intersection of Burpee and Plank roads on July 26. The officer and citizens then returned the horse to its stall on Burpee Road. Police contacted the owner.
•  During a downtown foot patrol on the evening of July 26, an officer spoke to numerous citizens, kids, business owners and employees. No issues were noted.
• Assisted a man experiencing chest pains on Lower Notch Road until rescue could arrive, on July 27. Bristol Rescue was unable to respond, and a crew was en route from Middlebury. Reports from the scene indicated symptoms were worsening and assistance was urgent. Middlebury rescue transported the patient to UVM Medical Center.
•  Checked on the welfare of a South Street resident who had called a local health provider and demonstrated signs of impairment, on July 27. Police checked the residence, but found no one home.
•  Received a cell phone found on Monkton Road north of Vermont Bicycle Touring on July 27. The phone’s damaged screen made it impossible for police to identify the owner.
•  On July 27 advised a Main Street business owner who reported that her ex had threatened to go to her business and cause a scene. Police informed the business owner about trespass notices and provided information to assist her if a problem arose.
•  Returned a credit card found on Garfield Street on July 28.
•  Provided night security and oversight of daytime parking issues for the Three Day Stampede on July 29-31.
•  Contacted the owner of a wallet found by a Bristol citizen on July 29.
•  Cited 48-year-old Bristol resident Steven Bright for violation of an abuse protection order on July 30. Police began their investigation after receiving a complaint from an out-of-state resident. Police cited Bright after learning that on July 28 at 8:52 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (11:52 p.m. EST) Bright contacted the plaintiff in violation of a protection order issued on Dec. 19, 2014, in California Superior Court.
•  Assisted Vermont State Police taking a Starksboro subject into custody, at 9:55 p.m. on July 30.
•  On July 31 discovered a motorcycle that had been parked in a dirt lot on South Street for an extended period of time. The battery was missing from the motorcycle, and the displayed registration plate was expired. Police later towed the abandoned motorcycle from the location.

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