Opinion: Bruhl would bring optimism

Taborri Bruhl is running for Vermont House for the district of New Haven, Bridport and Weybridge. I’ve had the chance to hear him speak on a couple of occasions now, and I’ve been impressed with his background, his thoughtfulness, and most of all, his optimism that we can actually do something about the problems that surround us.
Taborri teaches economics and civics, so he knows how both money and the political system work. He distrusts pat answers and simplistic solutions, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t searching for solutions. He knows that the economy isn’t working for everyone, and he wants to change that. He knows that resources — environmental as well as financial — are scarce, and he wants to protect them.
Best of all, he understands that everything is related, so if you work on one thing, it will spill over to affect many others, for better or for worse. He will think things through, so that the cure won’t be worse than the disease. I like the diversity of his background, from active-duty Marine to high school teacher, but I like even more the depth of his thoughts.
We need more people who will look squarely at all the problems we have, and work through them without dogma or grandstanding or other blinders. Taborri will give us that. If you live in our district, I encourage you to check out Taborri Bruhl. You might like what you see.
Erin Ruble
New Haven 

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