Opinion: Bruhl a ‘down-to-earth’ candidate and good listener

Have you seen the blue and white signs that say “Bruhl?” Have you wondered whether you should vote Bruhl (running to represent New Haven, Weybridge and Bridport)? Or why you should vote Bruhl? Read on.
Taborri Bruhl is a down-to-earth guy who is in touch with the concerns so many of us share. He listens. Most of us worry about our economic well-being, our healthcare system, our support networks. We worry about education. We worry about our energy future and our environment. We have to consider carefully to whom we want to entrust these worries.
If our votes are for Bruhl, we can be confident he will employ his experience to work thoughtfully, honestly and rigorously on our behalf. A new voice in the legislature can be like a shot of adrenalin for the issues we care about. Of course being a fresh face in the legislature isn’t enough.
More important is his understanding of the interrelationships of government and the economy, his grasp of the urgent need for a strong healthcare system and his years of hands-on experience in the field of education. He understands the needs of our three towns. It is time to cast this important vote and have Taborri Bruhl get to work for us.
Norma Norland
New Haven

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