Opinion: Incumbent senator a good listener, public servant

I am writing in support of Claire Ayer’s bid for re-election to the Vermont State Senate. I have known Claire for over thirty years. She is a smart, compassionate, concerned citizen, committed to serving her community. As a member of Bridport Grange, I have attended numerous Legislative Breakfasts and Ag Luncheons held in Bridport. Claire has impressed me by her ability to listen, to see both sides of a controversial issue, to research and then to rationally explain her views, without losing her cool.
When I recently was asked to advise someone who was having a difficulty with a state agency, I emailed Claire and explained the situation, and asked for a clarification of the law regarding this issue. Claire was able to contact the head of that agency, and it was determined that someone in that agency had not been properly trained, and the difficulty was worked out.
I encourage you to vote for Claire Ayer!
Thank you.
Marianne Manning

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