Opinion: Addison-3 candidate seen as fiscally responsible

Dear friends and neighbors in Addison 3: It’s time for an alternative to Diane Lanpher. As a 4-term incumbent and part of the Shumlin/Democrat machine for the last six years, Diane has consistently voted for increased taxes and unnecessary regulations, all of which are stifling our economy, making Vermont unaffordable for many and driving people out of Vermont (if they could sell their houses). For those of us who have had enough of Diane’s voting record, there is real hope of replacing her with a different woman — Monique Thurston.
Monique is an honest, hard-working and serious candidate who wants only to serve our interests, as opposed to serving the interests of the political bosses in Montpelier. Monique and her husband live in Ferrisburgh. She is a former medical professional who has had many years of experience in developing town budgets and serving on town selectboards, planning commissions and school boards. She is not just another politician running for office. She is our neighbor and a thoughtful individual who cares about all of us. 
For weeks now, Monique has been tirelessly travelling all over the towns of the Addison-3 district, knocking on doors and listening to our concerns. She understands the affordability crisis that has been created by the current one-party state administration and legislature and that is preventing us from being able to fully enjoy our Vermont quality of life.
Monique wants to bring balance, financial stability, reduced taxes and affordability back to our state. She wants us to have the right to determine our own destinies and not be told by others what’s best for us — even when we don’t want it or can’t afford it. She doesn’t want to represent the special interests in Montpelier. She wants to represent us! It’s time for a change. Please vote for Monique by absentee ballot today or at the polls on Nov. 8.
Beverly Biello

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