Opinion: Trump could be ‘babbler in chief’

The Importance Of Being Babble
Babble, verb and noun — to utter meaningless sounds; rubbish, muddle, prattle, blather, drivel, nonsense, bull, gibberish.
According to an independent source, I’m good at babble, although being good at something that is generally considered bad could be oxymoronic.
Monday night Donald was clearly the supreme Babbler-in-chief: 37 percent of his utterances were incomplete sentences, which means they lacked a beginning or an end; 29 percent were repetitions of what he had just said, as if talking to a deaf uncle.
I confess he’s a superior babbler, who achieves a grand level of disconnected idiocity, which isn’t even a word. On the other hand, the country will make good use of a babbling president. Despite what the experts say, the assemblage of “words” without content is unimportant.
Alec Lyall

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