Opinion: Ayer deserves another term

I am writing in support of Claire Ayer’s run for the Vermont State Senate. I have known Sen. Ayer for over six years, during which time her compassion and intelligence have allowed her to make progress toward improving health care reform as the Chair of the committee on Health and Welfare and Health Reform Oversight Committee.
Sen. Ayer is a former nurse, which I feel helps her bring an important medical perspective to these committees. As a health care provider, I have had a lot of questions about where Vermont policies are heading and how doctors are affected. Sen. Ayer listens and gets me the information I need. Her common sense and integrity are vital characteristics for us to keep in the Senate, as well.
Perhaps it is also her experience as a mother and grandmother that help her make the smart, thoughtful decisions that represent her constituents so well. She has been our advocate for 14 years. I hope we can help her continue for many more years to come.
Kate Wagner, MD

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