Middlebury Police Log: Police investigate burglary at local store

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police investigated a reported burglary at the Middlebury Floral & Gifts business on Route 7 South on Sept. 24.
Police said they found no sign of forced entry, and they are taking inventory of stolen items. The matter remains under investigation.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Responded to a report of a woman punching a wall in the Porter Hospital Emergency Department and then leaving the building on Sept. 19. Police said they found the woman on South Street and took her back to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.
•  Received into evidence four unused firearm cartridges found in Wright Park on Sept. 19.
•  Investigated a report of a motorist leaving the scene of an accident in The Centre parking lot of Court Street Extension on Sept. 19.
•  Were informed that someone had allegedly stolen a kayak paddle from an unlocked vehicle parked off South Main Street on Sept. 20.
•  Investigated a report of illegal trash dumping off Court Street on Sept. 20.
•  Helped state police in their search for a wanted man in the Valley View Drive area on Sept. 20.
•  Responded to a report of a domestic dispute in the Halladay Road area on Sept. 21.
•  Checked on a report of two “explosions” allegedly heard in the East Main Street area on Sept. 21. Police said they found nothing unusual in the area.
•  Assisted a person who alleged having been harassed by a man while walking on Creek Road on Sept. 21.
•  Released, into the custody of a family member, a drunken man in the Seymour Street area on Sept. 21.
•  Responded to a report of a local youth refusing to attend classes at Middlebury Union High School on Sept. 21.
•  Received a report about cows escaping their pasture and walking in the roadway at the intersection  of East Main Street and Case Street on Sept. 21.
•  Turned a drunken Middlebury College student over to a sober person on Sept. 22.
•  Responded to a report of a person collapsing while at the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Court Street Extension on Sept. 22. Police said Norma Carr, 89, of Bridport is believed to have died from natural causes.
•  Responded to noise complaints in the Court Street and Shannon Street neighborhoods on Sept. 23.
•  Assisted Middlebury firefighters in freeing a man stuck inside an elevator at the Residences at Otter Creek off Lodge Road on Sept. 23.
•  Investigated the untimely death of Marjorie Stephenson, 88, of Middlebury at a Short Shannon Street residence on Sept. 23. Police said they believe Stephenson died of natural causes.
•  Served two temporary restraining orders on a local man on Sept. 23.
•  Received, from the Vermont Department for Children & Families, a report on Sept. 23 about a possible domestic assault stemming from a fight between two siblings on Seymour Street.
•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS with an unresponsive patient on Fields Road on Sept. 24. Police said the woman was taken to Porter Hospital.
•  Responded to numerous noise complaints in the Seymour Street Extension, South Main Street, Court Street and Shannon Street areas on Sept. 24. Police said some of the calls were related to Middlebury College student parties; others were related to noisy tenants.
•  Checked on a complaint about what McDonald’s Restaurant officials called a car-load of under-age people who had been drinking and causing trouble at the Route 7 South eatery on Sept. 24. People said the alleged troublemakers were gone upon their arrival at the scene.
•  Stood by while a Vermont State Police trooper screened a driver for DUI on Route 7 South on Sept. 24.
•  Issued warnings to some people for violating the town’s open container ordinance on Main Street on Sept. 24.
•  Were informed that someone had driven away from the Middlebury Mobil Short Stop on Court Street Extension without paying for their gasoline on Sept. 25. Police said the culprit was driving a black Jeep.
•  Investigated a death at a Buttolph Drive home on Sept. 25. Police said no foul play is suspected in the death of Anna Johnson, 91, of Middlebury.
•  Investigated a report of a missing Middlebury College student who was drunk on Sept. 25. Police said the student was eventually found safe on campus.
•  Received a report that someone stole a temporary license plate off a vehicle while it was parked off Court Street Extension on Sept. 22.

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