Opinion: Sen. Ayer touts Bruhl for House

I look forward to serving in the Legislature with Taborri Bruhl when he is elected to represent New Haven, Weybridge and Bridport, and urge the folks of those towns to vote for him. He has a breadth of experience that’s impressive and will serve him and his constituents well in the House.
He understands the difficulties of financing a college education faced by many Vermonters. Even with a pizza delivery job and the ability to fix large diesel machines, he still needed a Marine scholarship to get himself to graduation.
After 21 years of teaching civics and economics, Taborri understands the workings and relationships between government and the economy. We need folks in Montpelier who “get it” and will put that knowledge to work for us.
After working for 10 years to recover from an accident causing neck-down paralysis, Taborri knows that hard work and good choices sometimes aren’t enough to keep people safe. Access to a strong healthcare system and support services is critical to getting people back on their feet and back to work.
I look forward to serving with a person with such wide-ranging experience and knowledge. Please vote for Taborri Bruhl to represent Weybridge, Bridport and New Haven. We need him there.
Senator Claire Ayer

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