Opinion: Gift to refugees restored hope

The Middlebury Refugee Resettlement Committee would like to express its sincere thanks to Roger Paquette of Paquette Storage for his gracious offer of storage space in an empty trailer on his storage lot. Not only did Roger offer storage space for donated furniture and other household goods, he also arranged for one of his drivers, Randy, to drive the large tractor trailer from East Middlebury to the Vermont Refugee Center in Colchester.
This obviated the need for many volunteers to make multiple trips in their own pickup trucks to the storage facility in Colchester. Now, many refugees can own a table at which to have a meal, a sofa or chair in which to relax, and many other items to make them feel at home in their new country.
Thank you so much, Roger, for your gracious and caring offer to help with the refugee resettlement effort. Your contribution will be much appreciate by many individuals.
Jean Fifield, Bridport
Abi Sessions, Cornwall

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