Opinion: Americans must break free from their ‘CARB’ diet

With the capitulation of every founding principle Americans have lost their sense of nation. If we cease to act as a nation we shall cease to be a nation. A brief summary of some symptoms defining the frightening litany of chaos and failures will witness our desperate need for a radical change from our high CARB diet.
CLOD — We have moved from one nation under God to one nation under clod, the amorphous blob of dirt, mud and clay from whence a great number of Americans believe that we evolved. From we the people to me, the people. From ourselves and our posterity to myself and my posterior. From freedom of religion to freedom from religion. From e pluribus unum to e plunder us unum.
Capitalism — The seamless absolutely impenetrable union of corporate capitAl and the federal and state capitOls to the total and absolute exclusion of the citizenry, manifested in the violation of every historically and constitutionally established critical essential criteria for governing, legislation and the regulation of commerce and trade threatening the very sovereignty of our nation and the essential wellbeing of its citizens.
Corridors and lobbies — The business of government is now being conducted in the corridors and lobbies not in the constitutionally directed public legislative chambers.
Corporate PIGs — Defined by plunder, imbecility and greed.
Commodification — Turning everything from national treasure both natural and man made, from cultural, industrial, technological and moral resources that make freedom possible and nurture our distinct culture, the sanctity of our families, the wealth of our soil and the genius of our people, into mere commodities for domestic or foreign desecration or consumption.
Confounding principles — We have moved, by design or default, from founding principles, as defined in our declaration, our constitution and our noble early history, to confounding principles that, as defined, “mingle so that the elements cannot be distinguished or separated, treat or regard erroneously as identical, mix or associated by mistake, or throw into confusion or disorder.”
Citizens united — We have moved from one voter, one vote, to one dollar, one vote.
Confederacy of cell phone zombies — The landscape is cluttered with mobs of stumbling, self-absorbed cell phone zombies and comatose consumers absolutely oblivious of the physical world and reality around them.
Comatose consumers — Completely oblivious of the consequences of purchasing a product or service whether it is destructive to the environment, the economy, the well-being of millions of struggling American workers and the general quality of life for all Americans. Every citizen is directly responsible for, and directly shapes, the economic and public welfare of the nation by how they exercise their “fiscal franchise.” By every dollar you earn, spend or save, you are casting a vote that directly affects the general well-being of all your fellow citizens.
Cultural, moral and economic violence.
Condition — Culture, society, liberty, sovereignty, prosperity, civilization, are a process, not a static condition. Every member of society must play an active fully engaged enlightened integral part of this process. Government treating its function as a static condition, navigating with rear view mirrors and using weather vanes as a moral compass, not visionary, enlightened and preemptive is in a constant self-inflicted crisis and emergency response mode. The people with a similar laissez faire attitude simply go with the flow, resulting in self-inflected bondage and desolation.
Alchemists — Social alchemists waging and unrelenting savage campaign turning our cultural, moral, philosophical and political principles and the golden rule into a pile of rusting crap.
Relativism — Absolute relativism renders everything irrelevant.
Revolute-ion — We have moved from revolution to revolute-ion, i.e, rolling backward or downward.
Botchit-ism — A pandemic government disease. From a diet of spoiled rotten rancid failed policies, principles, practices and ideas navigating with rear view mirrors and using weather vanes as a moral compass, not visionary, preemptive, structured, inspired, noble leadership. Our founders conceived of an aristocracy of virtue and talent, not a mediocracy of bungling bloviation that has led us on a 40-year meandering detour form the promised land into self-inflicted desolation in a cultural and moral desert.
A bureaucracy of blundering, blinding bloviation sustained by a mediocracy of consumers blurred into oblivion by a tyranny of clichés. Government and society are not a spectator sport. “Those who expect to reap the benefits of liberty must, like men, and women, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” T. Paine
In conclusion let us break the shackles of our high CARB diet, with a dash of vital-C; common purpose, common good and common sense. We can then proceed to a body and soul sustaining high- pro- team diet rebuilding our cultural, moral and political foundations for a new beginning.
Rustan Swenson

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