Opinion: Republicans should repudiate Trump on election day

Donald J. Trump is the Frankenstein Monster that the Republican Party has created. How? He and all those who extol his virtues are the product of years and years of misinformation, bigotry, misogyny, racism and outright lies that they and the hate mongering on Fox News and other right-wing talking heads have been spewing out over the airwaves for 20 years. Is it any wonder someone like him would come along and tap into all those simple minds! The only thing that brings me joy about the “Repugnantan” party is to see it self-destruct.
So, now that we have just witnessed their farcical and insane convention, and they’ve chosen der fuhrer to march the country back to some nostalgic time when “America was great again” (like the 50s when segregation was legal, a woman’s place was in the home and being gay could get you lynched), we can see that the slogan for their campaign is really “Make America Hate Again.” At this week’s Democratic convention they won’t be inaugurating my first choice, Bernie, but Hillary Clinton, who, despite all her baggage, is a far, far better choice for president. This November we need to be sure that not only Trump, but that his adopted party goes down to defeat at home here on a local level, as well.
Any Republican running in state races who doesn’t openly repudiate this hateful candidate and the party’s disgusting platform, or doesn’t leave that party should not get our vote. They should be embarrassed to be supporting him. Vote Democrat, Progressive or Independent this fall. We have to fight ignorance, selfishness and divisiveness. I’m one of those many “old white guys” that Donald J. Dumpster and his party doesn’t speak for and damn proud of it.
Bruce Acciavatti

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