Opinion: Convention was the latest step on the road to revolution

This week’s writer is Diane Lanpher, a Democratic state representative from Vergennes and a Vermont delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last week.
Train ride home from Philly.
Two nights of less than three hours sleep each night, one might think a train nap was in order. But not yet. Train is full of returning delegates who also are sleep deprived. Conversations continue and positions are laid out with the passions of a floor debate. We just can not stop ourselves.
Because I worry about the peace of other travelers, I inquire on the level of tolerance they have for us. Some people riding may not be interested (believe it or not). Well, although not delegates, they are finding all of this activity intriguing. Wow, and they say there is low political involvement. Now that the daily passengers have been welcomed into the discussions, they join in! Who could sleep.
I talked from Philly to NYC to a New York delegate. She is one intense Bernie fan and super activist. She enjoyed telling me about her convention experiences and what they did to make sure everyone “Felt the Bern.” She is a fighter, in a good sense. I also noticed the Jewish phrases woven into her analogies and references to her street practice. She is an attorney with a mission. The NYC debate style can appear, to peaceful Vermonters, as in your face, but one must understand for her, this is her level of peaceful conversation/debate. I liked her. Clearly processing the convention, she states aloud with gentle but firmly pointing fingers, “She needs to show us she is fighting for us.”
With that statement I heard frustration but more importantly, movement and the defining of what it is going to take to get her approval. I asked her a follow up question, “What does fighting look like to you?” I am sure the Hillary campaign would like to know.
As she departed the train, I helped with her luggage. Then she finally asked, “Where are you from?” Vermont, I answered. Her eyes softened in a way I have witnessed other Philly eyes soften when they hear Vermont. There is a change, as if they could experience a closeness to Bernie through speaking to a Vermonter. She asked me to take care of Bernie. You may have him now, but we in Brooklyn had him first. We laughed. I told you I liked her.
The Democrats have a world-impacting election fight on their hands, which will consume all of their attention. The Democrats have a DNC house cleaning corrective action on their hands. The Democrats have a low voter turnout fight on their hands.
The Revolution has a lot to be proud of and the organizers will have logistic struggles as they establish a sustainable foothold. The Revolution has to battle momentum lag as it continues to organize and develop.
I look forward to opening eyes to the fights currently being fought daily by Democrats for the people and connecting that energy to those fighting to forge a new Revolution of accountability. The two efforts have almost the same goals and going forward together might save the world.
Two hundred forty years ago there was a convention in Philly that was also worth losing a little sleep over.
I believe it is nap time! A Revolution is not won by fighting alone. 

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