Local swimmers make a splash at league meet

VERGENNES — The Sam Fishman Pool in Vergennes was bursting with more than 540 swimmers this past weekend as it hosted the Champlain Valley Swim League Championship Meet on Friday and Saturday.
The Vergennes Champs and the Middlebury Swim Team both saw a number of strong finishes and best times, leading the teams to finishes of fourth and seventh place, respectively.
Eight teams competed in the meet, culminating in 1,609 individual entries and 186 relays. Defending champs the Edge Swim Club of Williston won the title with a combined girls’ and boys’ score of 2,960.
The Town of Essex Team came in next (1,951.5), then the Burlington Tennis Club (1,233), followed by the Champs (1,064). Burlington Country Club finished at 816, the Saint Albans team tallied 690.5, Middlebury 578 and finally, the Winooski Summer Swim Team finished with 513 points.
Vergennes is creeping up in the ranks; last year the Champs finished in fifth place and the year before, sixth. The team’s success this year can be attributed to a number of first-place finishes in both relays and individual races.
The girls’ 10-and-under 100-yard medley relay of Carlyn Rapoport, Acadia Clark, Madelyn Giroux and Hadley Harris finished at the top with a time of 1:13.23. Rapoport, Clark and Harris were joined by Bee Eckels later in the meet for a first place finish in the girls’ U-10 100-yard freestyle relay and a time of 1:03.05.
Harris and Clark, both 10, also had their own individual wins during the meet. Harris won the girls’ U-10 25-yard backstroke in 19.04 seconds. Clark cruised to first place and a time of 19.92 in the girls’ U-10 25-yard breaststroke.
Finally, Champ Will Clark, 7, captured three individual titles during the meet. He won the boys’ U-8 50-yard freestyle (37.20), 25-yard freestyle (17.01) and 25-yard breaststroke (23.46).
The Champs also secured a number of individual second- and third-place finishes by Acadia Clark, Giroux, Calder Rakowski, Allie Croke, Leah Croke, Noah Engvall, Nathan Viera, Jake Viera and Max Ratti-Bicknell.
At the end of the meet, head coach Jen Bechtold received the Golden Whistle Award, which honors a coach “who has demonstrated a commitment to sportsmanship and good citizenship and has worked to instill these values in their team.”
Bechtold has been with the Champs for the past four years, but is moving out of Vermont after this season.
“It’s very bittersweet for me to be leaving this team,” she said. “After four seasons I feel like I’ve really brought the team to a good place, I feel like now I can walk away and feel good about it.”
The Middlebury Swim Team captured one individual title during the meet thanks to Holly Staats. The 12-year-old snagged first in the girls’ U-12 50-yard breaststroke with a time of 37.86.
MST also boasted individual second- and third-place finishes from Teagan Baumann, Devon Kearns and Connor McNamara.
For both teams, the most important part of the meet was the bubbly atmosphere.
“They’re having a lot of fun,” said Middlebury coach Colleen Rueppel. “It’s nice at the end to see them smiling and jumping up and down, goofing around and dancing. That’s all that matters.”
Vermont swim teams will compete this coming weekend for the season-ending Vermont Swim Association summer championship meet at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in Hartford.
Vergennes and Middlebury swimmers posting top individual or relay results this past weekend were:
•  U-10 girls 100: 3. Acadia Clark, VST; 12. Siobhan Potter, VST
•  U-10 boys 100: 4. C. Rakowski, VST; 6. Patrick Stone, MIDD
•  U-12 girls 100: 4. A. Croke, VST
•  U-12 boys 100: 8. Adam Clark, VST
•  U-14 girls 100: 3. Baumann, MIDD; 5. L. Croke, VST; 11. Natalie Rockwell, MIDD
•  U- 14 boys 100: 4. Nathan Stone, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 100: 6. Andy Rockwell, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 200: 7. Baumann, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 200: 4. J. Viera, VST
•  U-8 girls 25: 13. Oprea Littlefield, MIDD
•  U-10 girls 25: 3. M. Giroux, VST; 13. B. Eckels, VST; 17. Aislynne McGill, VST; 22. Ava Holmes, VST; 26. Lila Cook Yoder, MIDD; 30. Maci Forgues, VST
•  U-10 boys 25: 2. C. Rakowski, VST; 3. C. McNamara, MIDD; 5. Parker Kayhart, VST; 8. Ethan Croke, VST; 14. Grey Fearon, VST
•  U-12 girls 50: 3. A. Croke, VST; 7. Mischa Yurista, MIDD; 9. Staats, MIDD; 12. Audrey Tembreull, VST; 16. Katrina Yurista, MIDD; 24. Sierra Bertrand, VST; 38. Olivia Brooks, VST
•  U-12 boys 50: 6. Carson Hoffmann, VST; 11. Clyde Malhotra, MIDD; 12. Ian Henderson, VST
•  U-14 girls 50: 3. L. Croke, VST; 5. Anna Rakowski, VST; 10. Emma Beauchemin, VST; 12. Jordan Jewell, VST; 13. Sydney Jewell, VST; 17. Isabella Pistilli, MIDD; 17. Kaitlyn McNamara, MIDD; 19. Siobhan Eagan, MIDD; 22. Adelaide Brooks, VST
•  U-14 boys 50: 3. Kearns, MIDD; 7. N. Viera, VST; 9. Spencer Doran, MIDD; 10. N. Stone, MIDD; 12. Jarret Muzzy, VST
•  U-18 girls 50: 6. Courtney White, MIDD; 8. Kess Moulton, MIDD; 10. Carl Calista, MIDD; 14. Alyse Beauchemin, VST; 16. Georgie Pistilli, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 50: 7. Ethan Sausville, VST; 10. Jacob Brookman, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 100: 4. J. Viera, VST; 7. Oliver Poduschnick, MIDD; 8. N. Stone, MIDD
•  U-8 girls 25: 8. Ellie Brooks, VST; 22. Adrienne Smits, VST; 23. Abigail Flint, VST; 27. Reese Muzzy, VST; 32. Ellie Eckels, VST; 38. O. Littlefield, MIDD; 40. Madeleine Stroup, VST; 43. Casey Clark, VST
•  U-8 boys 25: 7. Julian Potter, VST; 15. Quinn LeBeau, VST; 26. Cohen Howell, VST; 28. Jorgen Pirrung, MIDD
•  U-10 girls 25: 1. H. Harris, VST; 9. C. Rapoport, VST; 14. Ava Holmes, VST; 18. Sibohan Potter, VST; 21. Aislynne McGill, VST; 22. Sophia Johnson, VST; 24. Lucy Poduschnick, MIDD; 25. Emersyn Brookman, MIDD; 27. Alaina LeBeau, VST; 32. Mackenzie Flint, VST; 42. Fallon Bataille, VST
•  U-10 boys 25: 6. P. Stone, MIDD; 8. Ethan Croke VST; 25. Grey Fearon, VST; 26. Lyon Tembreull, VST
•  U-12 girls 50: 13. Audrey Tembruell, VST; 14. Yurista, MIDD; 17. K. Yurista, MIDD; 29. Sierra Bertrand, VST; 39. Olivia Brooks, VST
•  U-12 boys 50: 7. Adam Clark, VST; 16. Ian Henderson, VST
    VERGENNES CHAMPS COACH Andie Blaser poses with swimmers Maci Forgues, left, Amelia Giroux, Bee Eckels, Alaiba LeBeau, Carlyn Rapoport, Hadley Harris, Madelyn Giroux, Sophia Johnson and Acadia Clark during last weekend’s Champlain Valley Swim League championships in Vergennes.
Courtesy photo/Susan Rakowski
•  U-14 girls 50: 7. A. Rakowski, VST; 10. I. Pistilli, MIDD; 11. Tess Ruddy, VST; 13. Siobhan Eagan, MIDD; 14. Karyn Kenfield, VST
•  U-14 boys 50: 4. Spencer Doran, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 50: 13. A. Beauchemin, VST; 14. Kess Moulton, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 50: 4. Archie Milligan, MIDD; 8. Julian Schmitt, MIDD; 11. Dylan Rapoport, VST
•  U-18 boys 100: 5. Archie Milligan, MIDD; 10. Andy Rockwell, MIDD
•  U-8 girls 25: 7. Amelia LaMothe, VST; 18. Ellie Eckels, VST; 19. Mitzi Poduschnick, MIDD
•  U-8 boys 25: 1. W. Clark, VST; 10. Clark Crary, VST
•  U-10 girls 25: 1. Acadia Clark, VST; 3. C. Rapoport, VST; 4. H. Harris, VST; 7. M. Giroux, VST; 14. L. Poduschnick, MIDD; 15. E. Brookman, MIDD; 16. Siobhan Potter, VST; 18. Lila Cook Yoder, MIDD; 20. B. Eckels, VST; 24. Alaina LeBeau, VST; 25. Forgues, VST; 27. Sophia Johnson, VST; 33. Mackenzie Flint, VST
•  U-10 boys 25: 5. C. McNamara, MIDD; 12. Tyler Kimball, VST; 13. Parker Kayhart, VST
•  U-12 girls 50: 1. Staats, MIDD; 5. M. Yurista, MIDD; 11. K. Yurista, MIDD; 19. Sierra Bertrand, VST; 21. Audrey Tembruell, VST; 24. TC Finn, MIDD
•  U-12 boys 50: 3. Engvall, VST; 6. Carson Hoffman, VST; 10. Nate Muzzy, VST; 17. Palmer Gideon, VST
•  U-14 girls 50: 8. Tess Ruddy, VST; 13. A. Rakowski, VST; 15. Grace LeBeau, VST; 16. K. McNamara, MIDD; 18. Jordan Jewell, VST; 20. Summer Chabot, VST; 21. Sydney Jewel, VST; 22. Emma Huestis, VST; 23. Hannah Wyman, VST; 25. Adelaide Brooks, VST; 26. Karyn Kenfield, VST
•  U-14 boys 50: 4. Kearns, MIDD; 5. O. Poduschnick, MIDD; 7. Charlie Hodson, MIDD; 8. Fraser Milligan, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 50: 6. Harriet Milligan, MIDD; 7. Sadie Kass, VST; 8. Olivia Hawkins, VST; 9. A. Beauchemin, VST; 11. Ana Hodson, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 50: 7. Julian Schmitt, MIDD; E. Sausville, VST; 12. D. Rapoport, VST; 14. J. Brookman, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 100: 6. Harriet Milligan, MIDD; 8. Olivia Hawkins, VST; 10. Sadie Kass, VST; 14. Anna Hodson, MIDD; 14. Emma Huestis, VST; 18. Natalie Rockwell, MIDD
•  U-18 boys 100: 2. N. Viera, VST; 8. O. Poduschnick, MIDD; 9. Fraser Milligan, MIDD; 12. Nate Muzzy, VST
•  U-8 girls 25: 8. Ellie Brooks, VST; 10. Amelia LaMothe, VST; 29. Ellie Eckels, VST; 33. O. Littlefield, MIDD; 35. Abigail Flint, VST; 43. Reese Muzzy, VST; 43. M. Poduschnick, MIDD; 46. Madeleine Stroup, VST; 48. Skylar LaMothe, VST; 51. Marianna Webb, VST; 52. C. Clark, VST
•  U-8 boys 25: 1. W. Clark, VST; 9. Quinn LeBeau, VST; 10. Clark Crary, VST; 18. Julian Potter, VST; 20. Cohen Howell, VST; 26. Noah Smits, VST; 29. Sebastian Giroux, VST
•  U-8 boys 50: 1. W. Clark, VST
• U-10 girls 25: 3. H. Harris, VST; 8. C. Rapoport, VST; 9. Acadia Clark, VST; 12. B. Eckels, VST; 14. M. Giroux, VST; 22. Ava Holmes, VST; 23. Aislynne McGill, VST; 32. E. Brookman, MIDD; 33. Forgues, VST; 34. Lila Cook Yoder, MIDD; 36. Mackenzie Flint, VST; 40. L. Poduschnick, MIDD; 42. Alaina LeBeau, VST; 43. Amelia Giroux, VST; 48. Sophia Johnson, VST; 49. Hannah Botala, VST; 54. Fallon Bataille, VST
•  U-10 boys 25: 5. P. Stone, MIDD; 7. Ethan Croke, VST; 8. C. McNamara, MIDD; 13. Tyler Kimball, VST; 17. Parker Kayhart, VST; 26. Grey Fearon, VST
•  U-10 boys 50: 2. C. McNamara, MIDD
•  U-12 girls 50: 5. A. Croke, VST; 6. M. Yurista, MIDD; 8. Staats, MIDD; 13. K. Yurista, MIDD; 18. Audrey Tembruell, VST; 35. Olivia Brooks, VST
•  U-12 boys 50: 9. Engvall, VST; 11. C. Malhotra, MIDD; 13. Adam Clark, VST; 15. Nate Muzzy, VST; 21. Ian Henderson, VST; 27. Gideon Palmer, VST
•  U-12 girls 100: 7. A. Croke, VST; 12. Natalie Rockwell, MIDD; 15. TC Finn, MIDD
•  U-12 boys 100: 9. P. Stone, MIDD
•  U-12 boys 200: 5. Adam Clark, VST; 6. C. Malhotra, MIDD
•  U-14 girls 50: 5. Grace LeBeau, VST; 8. Jordan Jewell, VST; 9. E. Beauchemin, VST; 10, L. Croke, VST; 12. Sydney Jewell, VST; 13. Tess Ruddy, VST; 14. K. McNamara, MIDD; 14. I. Pistilli, MIDD; 17. Emma Huestis, VST; 18. Summer Chabot, VST; 23. Karyn Kenfield, VST; 24. Siobhan Eagan, MIDD; 25. Adelaide Brooks, VST; 27. Hannah Wyman, VST
•  U-14 boys 50: 2. N. Viera, VST; 3. Kearns, MIDD; 5. Jarret Muzzy, VST; 6. Spencer Doran, MIDD; 7. Fraser Milligan, MIDD; 10. Charlie Hodson, MIDD
•  U-14 girls 100: 5. Grace LeBeau, VST
•  U-14 boys 100: 3. N. Viera, VST; 5. Fraser Milligan, MIDD; 6. Charlie Hodson, MIDD; 7. Jarret Muzzy, VST; 11. Andy Rockwell, MIDD
•  U-14 girls 200: 6. Baumann, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 50: 5. Courtney White, MIDD; 11. Olivia Hawkins, VST; 12. Kess Moulton, MIDD; 14. Calista Carl, MIDD; 18. Harriet Milligan, MIDD; 21. A. Beauchemin, VST; 22. Sadie Kass, VST; 23. G. Pistilli, MIDD; 24. Anna Hodson, MIDD
•  U-18 girls 50: 5. E. Sausville, VST; 10. Archie Milligan, MIDD; 11. J. Brookman, MIDD; 12. Ratti-Bicknell, VST; 15. Julian Schmitt, MIDD; 21. D. Rapoport, VST
•  U-18 girls 100: 4. Courtney White, MIDD; 6. Olivia Hawkins, VST; 11. Calista Carl, MIDD; 12. Sadie Kass, VST
•  U-18 boys 100: 2. J. Viera, VST; 4. Ratti-Bicknell, VST
•  U-18 boys 200: 3. Ratti-Bicknell, VST; 7. Jarret Muzzy, VST
•  U-8 girls 100 freestyle: 8. VST A (Amelia LaMothe, Abigail Flint, Ellie Eckels, Ellie Brooks); 11. VST B (Reese Muzzy, Madeleine Stroup, Skylar LaMothe, Adrienne Smits)
•  U-8 boys 100 freestyle: 2. VST A (Clark Crary, Julian Potter, Quinn LeBeau, W. Clark)
•  U-8 girls 100 medley: 7. VST (Ellie Brooks, Amelia LaMothe, Abigail Flint, Ellie Eckels)
   VERGENNES SWIMMERS LEAH Croke, left, Emma Huestis, Emma Beauchemin, Grace LeBeau and Anna Rakowski pose together during the Champlain Valley Swim League championship meet held in Vergennes on Friday and Saturday.
Courtesy photo/Susan Rakowski
• U-10 girls 100 freestyle: 1. VST A (Acadia Clark, B. Eckels, C. Rapoport, H. Harris); 8. VST B (Ava Holmes, Aislynne McGill, Forgues, M. Giroux); 11. VST C (Alaina LeBeau, A. Giroux, Mackenzie Flint, Siobhan Potter); 12. MIDD A (O. Littlefield, L. Poduschnick, Lila Cook Yoder, E. Brookman)
•  U-10 boys 100 freestyle: 3. VST A (C. Rakowski, Grey Fearon, Parker Kayhart, Ethan Croke); 9. VST B (Eyon Tembreull, Cohen Howell, Sebastian Giroux, Tyler Kimball)
•  U-10 girls 100 medley: 1. VST A (C. Rapoport, Acadia Clark, M. Giroux, H. Harris); 7. VST C (Sophia Johnson, Alaina LeBeau, Siobhan Potter, Forgues); 12. VST B (Ava Holmes, A. Giroux, Aislynne McGill, B. Eckels); 13. MIDD A (Lila Cook Yoder, E. Brookman, L. Poduschnick, O. Littlefield)
•  U-10 boys 100 medley: 3. VST A (Ethan Croke, Tyler Kimball, C. Rakowski, Parker Kayhart)
•  U-12 boys 200 freestyle: 5. VST A (Ian Henderson, Nate Muzzy, Engvall, Carson Hoffmann)
•  U-12 girls 200 medley: 7. VST A (A. Croke, Sierra Bertrand, Audrey Tembreull, Olivia Brooks)
•  U-12 boys 200 medley: 4. VST A (Adam Clark, Engvall, Carson Hoffmann, Nate Muzzy)
•  U-14 girls 200 freestyle: 3. VST A (A. Rakowski, Jordan Jewell, Grace LeBeau, L. Croke); 5. MIDD A (Staats, K. McNamara, Siobhan Eagan, Baumann); 6. VST B (E. Beauchemin, Emma Huestis, Tess Ruddy, Sydney Jewell); 8. VST C (Summer Chabot, Adelaide Brooks, Hannah Wyman, Karyn Kenfield)
•  U-14 boys 200 freestyle: 2. MIDD A (Spencer Doran, Charlie Hodson, O. Poduschnick, Kearns)
•  U-14 girls 200 medley: 4. VST A (A. Rakowski, Tess Ruddy, L. Croke, Grace LeBeau); 6. VST B (Karyn Kenfield, Emma Huestis, E. Beauchemin, Jordan Jewell); 8. MIDD A (Siobhan Eagan, K. Yurista, K. McNamara, I. Pistilli)
•  U-14 boys 200 medley: 2. MIDD A (O. Poduschnick, Kearns, Spencer Doran, Fraser Milligan); 5. VST A (Ian Henderson, Gideon Palmer, Jarret Muzzy, Jackson Coffey)
•  U-18 girls 200 freestyle: 7. MIDD A (Anna Hodson, Kess Moulton, Calista Carl, Harriet Milligan)
•  U-18 boys 200 freestyle: 3. VST A (E. Sausville, D. Rapoport, Ratti-Bicknell, J. Viera); 7. MIDD A (N. Stone, J. Brookman, Julian Schmitt, Archie Milligan)
•  U-18 girls 200 medley: 5. MIDD A (Courtney White, Harriet Milligan, Calista Carl, Kess Moulton); 8. VST (A. Beauchemin, Sadie Kass, Sydney Jewell, Olivia Hawkins)
•  U-18 boys 200 medley: 2. VST A (Ratti-Bicknell, N. Viera, J. Viera, E. Sausville); 7. MIDD A (Archie Milligan, Julian Schmitt, J. Brookman, N. Stone

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