Opinion: Unexpected act of kindness shows the better side of humans

As a result of help on Route 7 north of Middlebury on the afternoon of July 19, 2016.
The day was long, the traffic slow, I still had twenty miles to go, and stopped we were, construction’s why I had to move; I had to try. A massive truck was in my way. If I snuck by I’d save the day. So sneak I tried upon the right, and I sunk to a sorry plight. Stuck I was, as stuck could be; the road dropped off, of course, you see. Half on the road, half in a ditch — I did not know which way was which. The 4-wheel drive I tried at once; it left me feeling like a dunce. No wheel had traction, all was lost, the air was filled with my exhaust!
So sadly I pulled out my phone; I quickly got the dial tone, and Triple-A I called to get, when suddenly a truck thickset with gear, equipment, two large men, pulled off in front of me right then. The driver, being so humane, spoke up at once: “I have a chain!”
His passenger so soon attached that chain to my front hook and snatched from sad disaster victory and showed that they had mastery o’er every problem one could face. They needlessly refused my grace, offered in material sense, saying I could recompense them only by my paying forward to some other one in poor and dire straights, in need. They were glad to do their deed.
I shook their hands, so grateful I, and they were off; no further “Bye.” I owe them much, but they showed all how acts of kindness can enthrall. Thank you, gents, for mercy shared. You’ve shown how we might yet be spared from trouble, problems, crises, fears; to you I raise three grateful cheers!
Lawrence A. Jones

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