Opinion: Say no to Salisbury gun ordinance

Gun owners, we have to visit the voting booth to repeal on July 19, 2016, a stupid ordinance that has been passed by a few with no prior of what a gun owner’s ethics are. Possibly some pampered people hear a gunshot and freak out muttering “oh my oh my oh my.” We gun owners have responsibilities not to fire our gun unless in a place to do so that we know where the bullet will end its flight path.
Like myself we sometimes need to dispatch an opossum, woodchuck or rabbit to save our vegetables for our own consumption. Worthless feral cats eating our baby birds, snakes eating our frogs, toads and more amphibians that most “oh my’s” do not know about. I once shot an adder from a large apple tree after hearing a large bird commotion. It had eaten three of the baby robins.
A very large garter snake had my large toad by the back leg. I dispensed the snake and let the toad loose to protect my garden again. A brook running in back of the house was full of frogs. I made pools for them for shelter. I am still shooting snakes to protect them or was until some unknowledgeable crippled my efforts to save many beneficial frogs. Then I have red squirrels that ate a hole in the roof. Had young in the attic. The young ate holes in the overhang for exits and holes in the ceilings. So I have shot most of them. A stray rat lives under my foundation. So when out in my compost container I shot it before a rat infestation occurs. Do get some varmints in a trap so shooting them is better than clubbing them to death. In 200 years have no information of anybody being struck by a stray bullet only hit by a car. Death injuries by vicious people being injured by other people. No injuries by a stray bullet in Salisbury village.
Arnold C. Gale

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