Opinion: One candidate backs legal pot

While Vermont will not be joining Massachusetts, Maine and California in allowing the people to vote directly on marijuana legalization via ballot initiatives this fall, legalization is — indirectly — on the ballot in our upcoming August 9 primary, in the form of the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor.  
David Zuckerman is the only candidate for lieutenant governor who will use the “soft powers” of that office to help us build consensus in the State House for legalization next year. Moreover, a strong turnout for Dave will send a powerful message to recalcitrant House Democrats that legalization isn’t only popular in public opinion polls, but in the voting booth as well.  
So, if you want to see legalization become a reality, I urge you to join me in voting for Dave Zuckerman in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, and tell all your friends and colleagues to do the same!  
Dave Silberman, Esq.

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