Opinion: Hawking sparks deep thoughts

Editor’s note: The writer addressed this to Dr. Stephen Hawking and cc’d the Independent.
Dear Dr. Hawking,
Thank you for your inspirational, indomitable willpower. I believe it demonstrates the true purpose of humanity is to honor the universe with a sense of wonder. Realization is the Breath of Existence. It helps us accumulate Time, understanding that WE are part of the dark matter that inflates the universe, and can enjoy the potential you have mastered.
The evidence is obvious. Significant events occurred approximately 4.5 billion years ago, that taken together, define Divine: our moon is acquired, oceans flow, tectonic plates pulse, magnetosphere forms, clouds billow and Life begins where fire and brimstone was the nature of proto-earth. The expanding universe accelerates, instead of slowing, coincidental with the beginning of consciousness — which could explain why expansion of the universe continues today.
Consciousness is the indefinable and immeasurable “dark matter” or “dark force.” It puts us at the center of our Universe. Viruses, bacteria and even plants’ desire for survival began the process and can power the engine of expansion, but they can only tell the story with random fossilization. We need to appreciate OUR predicament and protect OUR lifeboat, so our privileged vantage, wonder-filled history and mysteries can expand, and not rely solely on cave paintings and gravestones for enduring evidence of Humanity. Life is wonder or despair — artists point out Wonder.
Lonely, scorched planet
captivates hunting ice moon —
oceans arouse Earth!
Peter Szymkowicz

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