Opinion: GMO labeling law makes sense

I want to respond to David Van Vleck’s letter to the editor in the March 24 edition of the Addison Independent regarding the new state law on GMO labeling.
First, it isn’t up to David to say that GMOs are good or bad; that is up to each and every consumer. By labeling GMO-produced foods the customer can make their choice, whether they agree with David’s assessment of GMOs or if they have another opinion.
It is also disingenuous of David (a retired high school science teacher) to compare the union of an egg and a sperm or the process of selective breeding to what agribusiness is doing in a lab. Nature cannot combine the genes of a salmon with an eel (done to produce faster growing farmed salmon) or a pig with a cow (done to increase the pig’s ham). Regardless if this is good or bad, it isn’t the same as breeding.
Finally, there are more reasons than safe food for labeling GMO produced foods. There are people who don’t want to support GMO business. GMO seeds are patented and farmers cannot save seed from one year to the next and plant them since the seeds are owned by the agriculture firms, which own the rights to the seeds, even the ones the farmer grew.
There are other political and environmental issues that are important to many consumers who do not wish to support the profits of GMO companies. There is the concern of the creation of “super bugs” and the over use of herbicides as a result of GMO plants. The issues are many and complex.
The state has given us, the consumer, the help needed to make a purchase that reflects our political, environmental and health philosophy. This also helps consumers who wish to support GMO agribusiness. I don’t think this was a waste of legislative time or money; I think that was a good move on the part of the state.
Peter Ryersbach

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