Opinion: Socialism is not the American Way

It is my opinion that we all are a little fed up with the so-called promises, name calling and poll results that claim to be the answer to how the presidential election is going to turn out. The media’s free advertising for some and hardly mentioning others running doesn’t seem fair. Millions are being collected and spent — most going to the media.
So where does the leftover millions end up if not spent? One candidate has collected over $15 million from the so-called poor and another charges hundreds of thousands of dollars just for one speech and won’t disclose what she said behind closed doors.
Just think how much good could be done if those millions were used for helping the aged or sick or for those who just need a hand up. Seems like this election is all about the money and who can collect the most and waste it.
Aside from my rant about the way and how the race is moving, I am extremely disappointed about the philosophy and promise of one candidate — a professed socialist — which I connect with communism. He seems to be followed by many young people who thoughtlessly deem his messages and promises as just what they want of a man in the White House. His philosophy is un-American.
Socialism is not the American Way. Socialism defeats individualism, progress and the ability to get ahead in one’s life. Socialism promotes the ideology that wealth is a bad thing. There really is nothing wrong with wealth. Working to better oneself — to have a goal in life, to improve one’s ability to live in a fashion one desires — is not the socialist way.
Our socialist candidate claims wealth is bad — the wealthy don’t pay enough taxes. How many taxes will he pay on the $15 million or more he has scrounged from his contributors with empty promises?
With the socialist dream, everyone has to be the same. In fact, in a socialist society, one’s freedom to vote or choose how the government would be run or operate would be lost. Socialism would spell the end of the American Dream, a dream promoted by our founding fathers of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. One of the big reasons our country came to be was that there was no freedom or liberty in Europe. If one tried to promote these ideas it probably ended in a hanging.
As mentioned in another article, we are the greatest and freest nation on earth, the most compassionate, giving and industrious nation existing. Socialism and those who promote it are not the answer to any of our challenges. May we be ever vigilant in our effort to preserve the greatest humanly conceived idea ever: American and its freedoms and its liberty.
Edwin James

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