Opinion: Town must wait for Anbaric vote

Reactions to my letter to the editor on the Anbaric proposal to New Haven of Feb. 4 suggest that some readers took it to mean that I was urging an early town vote before the details of the deal are fully tacked down. That was not at all my intent.
On the contrary, it will be very important that such a vote only be called after formal negotiations with Anbaric have taken place and the results are in. At that point the selectboard should provide New Haven voters with:
1.The full and final text of Anbaric’s binding proposals to the town and its residents.
2.And, as importantly, an independent assessment of the pros and cons of key aspects of the proposed deal, including, among others, the noise, light and, if applicable, radiation it might generate, so that voters can make informed decisions.
For what is at stake is arguably the most complex decision New Haven will be asked to make for some time. Whether the final decision is yes or no, its important that it be made on an informed basis by the voters of our community as a whole.
George Jaeger
New Haven

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