Opinion: Monkton voters made big splash

Judging by the increased attendance and the number of new faces at Monkton’s first-ever Saturday town meeting, the decision, made at last year’s town meeting, to move our town meeting to a day when citizens do not have to take time off from work appears to have been a good idea.
An informal count of 140 community members present — much greater than the 102 last year — clearly shows that it increased participation. This year, articles on the warning that voters wanted to discuss included the normal review of the municipal and highway budgets, recognition of Pete Aube and Charlie Huizenga for their years of service on the Recreation Committee, discussions of legal issues facing the town, and how to increase community engagement. In addition, the citizens of Monkton elected to add monies to the budget for the Monkton Museum and Historical Society.
Thank you to all those who attended town meeting, for your questions and insights into the town’s business, and for your willingness to give up part of your weekend to have your voices heard. Thanks also to Bill Talbott, who stepped in as town moderator, and to our members of the Legislature, Claire Ayer, Chris Bray, Fred Baser and Dave Sharpe, for their updates on issues and for taking questions from the floor.
Stephen Pilcher

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