2016 Granville Town Meeting Wrap Up

GRANVILLE — On Tuesday evening, 55 voters in Granville meeting at the town hall passed town and school budgets as well as approved a number of measures.
Voters OK’d a town spending plan of $360,787, which is $61,000 more than the figure that was approved at last year’s town meeting. That represents a 20.4 percent increase.
In smaller appropriations, residents also voted to set aside $5,000 for building maintenance, $5,500 for fire protection in East Granville, $2,000 for the Plunkton Road culvert, and $2,500 for current and future conservation projects.
Granville residents, who tuition all students to schools out of town, OK’d a plan to spend $623,031 educating the town’s youth. That represents an increase of $42,000, or 7.2 percent, from the $580,935 approved for the current year.
Residents voted from the floor to elect town officials. Bruce Hyde unseated incumbent Cheryl Sargeant for a three-year term on the selectboard. Kathy Werner was re-elected to a three-year term as town clerk and treasurer.
In other activity, residents voted to change the term of the town treasurer from one year to three years.
Residents voted down a measure to give property tax exempt status to a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that owns property in Granville.
In results for the presidential primary election, Granville residents threw support behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 86 votes. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received five votes. Among the 12 ballots cast for Republication candidates, John Kasich got 5, Donald Trump received 4, Marco Rubio tallied two, and Jeb Bush got one.

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