Opinion: Unknown helper makes life better

I am writing to thank an unknown person who did the sort of kindness that makes living here so good.
On Jan. 12 I lost a hubcap on my Prius but didn’t notice the loss until a day later. Reconstructing my moves I realized that I must have lost it in the parking lot at 1330 Exchange St. when I hit a curb exiting a parking space. I returned there and looked for it but couldn’t find it; I asked inside the building in a few offices, but no one knew of a lost hubcap; I gave up on finding it.
Then on Feb.11 I went there to make a payment, and when I entered the lobby, behold, there I saw my Toyota hubcap! That pleasant surprise put a big smile on my face and made my day — as it happens I had just been to Toyota the day before and learned what it cost to replace it, but luckily I procrastinated. So — whoever you are who left the hubcap there, thank you: You help make this a great place to live.
Jorge Martin

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