Opinion: Pamphlet correct about abortion ‘retraumatization’

In response to the request by Haley Renwick of WomenSafe of Middlebury to open dialogue regarding, in her words, “the re-traumatization risk,” I accept the invitation to join in the dialogue.
VRTL (Vermont Right to Life) is all about “women safety” … not only the woman but also her unborn child. The pro-life project pamphlet distributed in publications throughout Vermont was not intended to hurt anyone; however, the truth about the preciousness of life and the reality of what abortion is has to be told. Yes, the memory of an abortion is painful, yet there are those who say that to abort a child is no big deal and will rid the woman of responsibility. Not so.
The abortion industry is only interested in profit and deny the reality of the trauma caused by an abortion.
To terminate life in cases of pregnancy due to an abusive relationship, the woman suffers a second violation to her body and soul. Two wrongs don’t make right. The child is punished for the crime of the abuser. We cannot justify the millions of abortions each year by linking them to abusive situations. Many women who are coerced into an abortion are really not making “their own choice.” To love the woman and the child is the right thing to do.
What does the WomenSafe of Middlebury offer to these hurting woman who have been violated by the coercion to abort their child? Pregnancy is not a disease yet treated like one.
Since the government supports the likes of Planned Parenthood there has been an increasing number of sexually transmitted diseases, depression in young people, drugs to numb the senses, abuse, etc.
There is much abuse to woman in the guise of “women’s heath,” “reproductive choices” and other sterile-sounding titles. To suggest alternatives to abortion as a healthier “choice” one has to wonder why the outcry for doing just that. 
It is a shame that in the free society the secular media denies the public of the truth about many of our cultural ills. The political correctness has taken away much of our freedom to speak and a shame to have to pay to express the truth. Heaven help us all.
Marie Dion

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