Tari Shattuck grants boost five-town elementary schools

BRISTOL — The Tari Shattuck Educational Foundation of Bristol recently funded nine projects in the elementary schools of Addison Northeast Supervisory Union to support innovative educational opportunities developed by local teachers. This school year, as part of its support of excellence in teaching and learning in ANeSU, the foundation is granting up to $1,000 for projects to each of the ANeSU elementary schools.
Beeman Elementary School received grants to sponsor a Jeh Kulu dance and drum residency requested by music teacher Sarah Metcalf, as well as to rent a traveling giant Vermont map, to purchase books for struggling readers, and to purchase supplies for a singing program, “Rise Up Singing,” requested by Beeman’s K-3 team.
The Lincoln Community School received a grant to support the purchase of supplies to facilitate a school-wide French culture study, headed by Dane Vannosdeln, which will take place this spring.
Monkton Central School received grants to purchase materials for the Responsive Classroom, requested by counselor Carolyn Tatlock, and to purchase books for Sharon Primo’s 5/6 class literature circles and book groups.
Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro received grants to support Ruth Beecher and Beth Hahr’s third- and fourth-grade history studies through the purchase of Vermont History Museum Outreach Kits “The Abenaki in Vermont,” “Archaeology Alive,” and “You Be the Historian,” and to rent a Sheldon Museum kit, “People of the Dawnland” (about the Abenaki). The foundation also funded a separate grant to sponsor a visit to Kerry Lake’s kindergarten class by the No Strings Attached Marionette Company.
The Tari Shattuck Education is a nonprofit volunteer organization and was founded in 1992 as a legacy for the innovative and creative career of Bristol teacher Tari Shattuck. The foundation’s purpose is to fund activities, projects and initiatives developed by local teachers and to foster excellence in teaching and learning in the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union schools. The foundation’s ability to fund grant requests, book purchases, and scholarships relies on contributions.  

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