Middlebury Police Log: Van reported stolen recovered in Rutland

MIDDLEBURY— On Thursday, Feb. 4, at a little past 3 p.m. a woman reported to Middlebury police that her vehicle — a maroon, Dodge 1500 wheelchair van — had been stolen while it was parked in the Hannaford grocery store parking lot.
The van was recovered in Rutland and returned to the owner after police searched it for evidence. The case is still under investigation.
In other recent activity, Middlebury police:
• On Feb. 1 assisted a woman suffering from dementia.
• On Feb. 1 installed a car seat for an expectant mother.
• On Feb. 1 attempted to locate a deer that may have been struck by a car in the Painter Road/Happy Valley Road neighborhood.
• On Feb. 2 received a book that was found on Storrs Avenue.
• On Feb.  2 received a report of an erratic driver on Case Street. When police stopped the car on Lindale Circle, they found an older man was having issues driving that night.
• On Feb. 2 at 8:38 p.m. assisted a distraught man who was attempting to return rental property to a Main Street business after hours.
• On Feb. 3 at a little after 8 a.m. issued a juvenile citation for unlawful mischief to a student at Middlebury Union High School who allegedly broke an internal window in the school by punching it.
• On Feb. 3 investigated a report that an illegal alien attempted to purchase a firearm at a Route 7 business.
• On Feb. 3 responded to a traffic crash with property damage on Court Square, and a couple hours later responded to a separate one-car crash with property damage, this one on Boardman Street.
• On Feb. 3 checked the welfare of two different people — one in Briarwood Court and one off Munger Street.
• On Feb. 3 looked into a reported noise disturbance in the Jayne Court neighborhood and determined that the noise came from water pipes clanging.
• On Feb. 4 at 20 minutes past midnight looked into a report of a loud party hosted by college students on Washington Street. Police warned the residents that such disturbances were becoming an ongoing issue.
• On Feb. 4 got a report from Middlebury Union Middle School that one student had assaulted another. Police report that intervention by school officials and the school resource officer (a Middlebury police officer assigned to the schools) resolved the issue.
• On Feb. 4 looked into a report of vandalism to the “warming hut” on the town recreation park, but police found no evidence of vandalism and said it may have been cleaned up before the officer could get to the scene.
• On Feb. 4 at 5:38 p.m. responded to a report that a car had hit a deer on Munger Street, causing damage to the car. Police looked for the deer but could not locate it.
• On Feb. 4 logged a report that someone had driven away from the Short Stop gas station off Court Street without paying for the gas they had pumped.
• On Feb. 4 received a report that a male college student had tried to use a fake ID at the liquor store in the Hannaford grocery store, but the student had left the scene and the officer couldn’t find him.
• On Feb. 4 got a report from a man claiming that another man had assaulted and spit on him in the Route 7 South area. Investigation is continuing.
• On Feb. 4 assisted the Middlebury Fire Department in attempting to locate the source of smoke in and around a Court Street business.
• On Feb. 5 at 1:25 a.m. assisted a downtown bar with the removal of an intoxicated man.
• On Feb. 5 at 1:28 a.m. warned a college student on Weybridge Street not to carry an open container of alcohol.
• On Feb. 5 the school resource officer resolved a heated verbal conflict between MUHS students.
• On Feb. 5 received a call from a female who was worried about her boyfriend, who called saying he wanted to harm himself. Police located the boyfriend safe in Rutland.
• On Feb. 5 checked the welfare of a woman who was found to be OK.
• On Feb. 5 at 2:30 p.m. received a report of a male walking in the road in the area of the middle school and carrying a black sword. Police were unable to locate the individual.
• On Feb. 5 installed another car seat for an expectant mother.
• On Feb. 5 assisted the Department for Children and Families with a possible infant abuse case.
• On Feb. 5 attempted to locate a possibly suicidal girl, and tracked her down to somewhere in Winooski, but could not locate her.
• On Feb. 5 at 8:20 p.m. looked into a noise complaint on South Pleasant Street.
• On Feb. 6 at 12:28 a.m. checked on a suspicious car seen parked at two different closed businesses on Charles Avenue.
• On Feb. 6 at 1:35 a.m. looked into another noise complaint on South Pleasant Street.
• On Feb. 6 looked for an elderly man reported to be disoriented and walking on North Pleasant Street, but couldn’t find him.
• On Feb. 6 investigated a report of gunfire on South Street Extension and found that a hunter was shooting crows.
• On Feb. 6 logged a report that someone had driven away from a Court Street Extension gas station without paying for $28.02 in gasoline they had pumped.
• On Feb. 6 were told that a vehicle had driven across the lawn of a Leno Lane home; investigation continues.
• On Feb. 6 found that three students had arrived at a Middlebury Union High School function after having consumed alcohol. Police issued a juvenile citation to one young man for possession of marijuana and gave Court Diversion paperwork for underage possession of a malt beverage to the other two young men.
• On Feb. 6 received a credit card found at the MacIntyre gas station on Exchange Street.
• On Feb. 7 logged a report that someone had thrown a piece of a brick through a window at Mister Up’s Restaurant.
• On Feb. 7 spoke with a girl who said she didn’t feel safe at her home and took her to Porter Hospital when she said she wanted to harm herself. Police contacted the Counseling Service of Addison County.
• On Feb. 7 received a request from a Court Street business to check the validity of an ID presented by a patron; police determined that the ID was authentic.
• On Feb. 7 checked a report of a car parked at a closed business and found out that the car belonged to an employee.
• On Feb. 7 at 9:17 p.m. received a report that the window of a car was broken while parked in the lower lot off Bakery Lane; a male wearing all black and tan work boots was seen running from the area. Police could not find the male. Nothing was found to be missing from the car.
• On Feb. 8 at 1:15 a.m. assisted Vergennes police with a vehicle that failed to stop.

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