Students of the Week – February 1, 2016

The Addison Independent is proud to publish the Students of the Week from area High Schools each week. The students are chosen by teachers and administration from each school who would like to recognize their exceptional engagement in the high schools they attend.
It is with pride that Middlebury Union High School recognizes Nora Keathley as its Student of the Week. Nora lives in Cornwall with her parents, Beth and Chris Keathley. Her sister, Charlotte, is a junior at MUHS.
Nora has earned High Honors throughout most of high school. She received American Legion subject awards for Fine Arts in ninth grade, for World Languages in 11th, and for English in both ninth and 10th. Nora has taken AP Biology, Calculus, English, Spanish, US History and World History. She is currently doing an independent study in organic chemistry.
In addition to her high school courses, Nora has taken both a drawing and a literature course at UVM. This fall, she studied Japanese at Middlebury College, and she is signed up for a micro-economics course this spring. Nora worked last summer in a biochemistry lab at the College.
As an avid reader and maker of art, Nora has put her related skills and passion to work as a three-year editor of “Calliope” at MUHS. She has also been a peer tutor and volunteers in various other capacities as a member of National Honor Society. Outside of school, Nora has participated in service trips to Guatemala and Mexico. She took an EMT course this fall with the hope of eventually getting licensed so she can ride with Middlebury Ambulance next summer. For her own health and joy, Nora skates with the Middlebury College figure skating club; she first took to the ice when she was in kindergarten.
With her Renaissance credentials, it seems certain that Nora could find success in any of several paths she might choose. Medicine, however, is where her compass is set. To get there, Nora would like to do undergraduate study in biochemistry and languages, continue as an EMT, and hopefully do some hospital or research work. Medical school will follow.
Congratulations, Nora, for all that you have already accomplished. In the best of senses, your life so far seems like that of an exploring young woman without borders. The doctors without same are waiting for you. Go with our best wishes and follow the map to your dreams.
Vergennes Union High School is pleased to recognize Quinlan D’Andrea as its Student of the Week. Quinn lives in Vergennes with his dad and mom, Christian and Heidi D’Andrea.  Quinn has an 18 month old sister, Adelheid.
Since Quinn’s sophomore year he has been on either the honor or high honor roll. In addition to this he has received multiple underclassman awards in the last two years. Also, last summer Quinn was nominated to represent Vermont at the Congress of Future Scientists and Technologists in Lowell, Mass. Lastly, Quinn is taking AP Biology.
Quinn played basketball until 10th grade and lacrosse during his ninth grade year, but now devotes all year to cross country and indoor and outdoor track. Quinn started running in 10th grade. Currently, Quinn is a captain of the indoor track team and co-captain of the outdoor track team.
Outside of school, Quinn is a cashier at Shaws. He is  frequently involved with volunteer work for the community with the Knights of Columbus. He is a been a Third Degree Knight since 2014. In addition to the Knights, Quinn has been involved with other volunteer work with the Catholic Church in Vermont, including youth and adult education.
Quinn gives this piece of advice: “What I have learned from high school is that no matter how hard it can be sometimes, bettering one’s self through knowledge is always worth it. When it comes to my personal philosophy, it is to serve and to love and forgive others unconditionally without judgment. A piece of advice I would give to other students, would be to will the good of others, and to always put others ahead of yourself, and to never cast hate onto another person, no matter how much they have wronged you. Just love them!”  Sarah Thompson,  a science teacher at VUHS, said, “Quinn is a diligent student who moves through each day with kindness and purpose.  His strength of character is seen in his respectful interactions with students and teachers, as well as how he takes pride in his work.  Quinn genuinely wants to learn making him a really fun student to teach!  I strongly believe Quinn is going to make the world a better place!”
Following graduation from VUHS, Quinn plans on studying for the Catholic priesthood for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington in Providence, RI. The faculty, staff and students of VUHS wish Quinlan the very best in the future.
Vergennes Students of the Week receive a free sandwich and drink from 3 Squares Cafe. Middlebury Students of the Week receive a free pizza from Green Peppers. Students of the Week from all area high schools will receive a gift certi?cate from Vermont Book Shop.
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