Vergennes Police Log: Police ticket impaired drivers, investigate vandalism

VERGENNES — Vergennes police between Jan. 11 and 17 dealt with a variety of incidents, including issuing multiple citations after two traffic stops, blocking off Monkton Road after a truck rollover, and investigating cemetery vandalism.
In that seven-day span, Vergennes police:
• On Jan. 11 sent the department Drug Recognition Expert to the New Haven Vermont State Police barracks to help VSP determine that a driver was impaired by drug use.
• On Jan. 11 looked around the Riverside Apartments building after being told someone had heard a child cry out and ask not to be hit any more, but they found no problem anywhere.
• On Jan. 12 ticketed two cars in violation of the city’s wintertime ban on overnight parking on city streets.
• On Jan. 12 helped motorists get into locked cars on Armory Lane and Hillside Drive.
• On Jan. 12 and 17 contacted a South Maple Street resident on behalf of Colchester police.
• On Jan. 12 helped the Public Works Department by telling the owner of a car parked at the intersection of Meadow Lane and Crescent Drive to move it.
• On Jan. 13 responded to Monkton Road, where an eastbound truck turning off Main Street had rolled over onto the south side off the road. Police and fire personnel blocked off the road for about three hours, at first to determine if there was any danger to the public and then to allow the truck to be moved, but they said the tank was intact and did not pose a threat to public safety.
• On Jan. 14 at about 1:20 a.m. stopped a pickup for speeding on Main Street and ticketed the driver, Jessica Oxenbine, 20, of Pennsylvania, for possession of marijuana, speeding and driving without a license; they also ticketed the passenger, Tyler Oxenbine of Pennsylvania, for possession of an illegal weapon, brass knuckles. Police said there were two young children in the car.
• On Jan. 14 about an hour later, took a report that a car had been taken from the City Limits bar parking lot without permission; the driver gave a description of the person who took it. Police found it running with the driver’s door open at Champlain Farms shortly afterward and returned it to the owner undamaged, and they were set to meet this week with a suspect.
• On Jan. 15 looked into a damaged gravesite at St. Peter’s Church cemetery on South Maple Street. Police said a flag and bench had been knocked over and they are still investigating.
• On Jan. 15 took a report of a minor two-car accident on Main Street.
• On Jan. 15 pulled a car over for tailgating a tractor-trailer truck on Main Street and issued citations to the driver and passenger. Police cited the driver, Jessica Rouille, 27, of Colchester for following too closely, driving without a registration and driving with a civilly suspended license. They ticketed the passenger, Robert Hooper, 27, of Albany, for possession of marijuana.
• On Jan. 16 took a report of what a resident said was an attempted check scam by the purchaser of an item listed on Craigslist.
• On Jan. 16 were told by a woman that her ex-husband was stalking her and making threats to her and a date; when the ex-husband’s and her versions of events varied and police learned there was a custody dispute, police said the couple had to settle their issues in Family Court.
• On Jan. 16 checked out repeated reports of fireworks near downtown, but found nothing.
• On Jan. 17 helped a motorist get into a locked car at the intersection of Main and South Maple streets.
• On Jan. 17 looked for two youths wearing hoodies acting suspiciously near New Haven Road, but found no one.
• On Jan. 17 were told there were three youths drinking near Otter Creek and cited one Northlands Job Corps student, Steven Lima, 22, of Colchester, for furnishing alcohol to minors, and issued court diversion paperwork to two minors. 

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