Opinion: Ripton’s Alexander announces bid for school board

I’m Bryan Alexander of Ripton and I’m running for a seat on the board that will be established if the seven-town unified school district is approved by Middlebury-area voters on Town Meeting Day.
I’m a writer, educator, futurist, and consultant working in the field of higher education.
I live with my family on the edge of Ripton; we’ve lived here 14 years.
I’ve actively served on the Ripton school board for three years, including working as its secretary. I’ve been a delegate to the Addison Central Supervisory Union board for two; there I’ve worked on the “RED study group,” which extensively researched district consolidation.
I’ve also been on the MCTV board for several years, and have worked with many local nonprofits, including the Ilsley Library. I helped build the Ripton broadband network from 2005-2010, including a long stint on that project’s board.
I’m running in this election for several reasons, notably to represent my town of Ripton in the new governance order. Fighting for small town schools is a priority. I’m skeptical of Act 46, and want to make the best of it. Lastly, I hope to encourage local schools to make greater use of technology.
Please vote for me.
Bryan Alexander

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