Opinion: History will prove governor wrong on pipeline project

Dear Gov. Shumlin,
I’ve read your statements of how the Addison gas pipeline is such a good idea. I know history will prove you badly wrong but by then the damage will be done.
Here’s a quote from a recent article by Bill McKibben: “Here’s the basic math: if you build a pipeline in 2016, the investment will be amortized for 40 years or more. It is designed to last — to carry coal slurry or gas or oil — well into the second half of the twenty-first century. It is, in other words, designed to do the very thing scientists insist we simply can’t keep doing, and do it long past the point when physics swears we must stop.”
I would feel so much better if you would quit claiming to be a climate hero when you support the fossil fuel industry in ways that may well be the end of civilization.
Ron Slabaugh

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