Budget wrinkle at Mount Abe

BRISTOL — Addison Northeast Supervisory Union officials notified the Independent on Wednesday that the Mount Abraham Union High School Board will likely need to revote the recently adopted 2016-2017 spending plan at a later meeting to formally approve it.
This revote results from yet another snag in interpreting Act 46, not from any actual change in the spending plan. There has been confusion statewide as to whether or not Act 46 requires state funds for technical centers to be part of the officially warned school budgets, said ANeSU Interim Superintendent Armando Vilaseca.
Consequently, the spending figure that the school board OK’d at its Jan. 19 meeting — $13,141,695 — did not include the $248,219 in state funds for Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center. Wednesday morning, administrators learned from the state that the official budget going to voters did indeed need to include this amount, and so the official budget warning was corrected to $13,389,914 at press time.
— Gaen Murphree

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