Opinion: Working families need paid leave

I am writing to express my support for the Healthy Workplaces bill, H.187,so that my husband and I can take time off when we’re sick or our kids are sick, and not have an even harder time paying our bills.
When I get sick and can’t come into work, I lose an important piece of mypaycheck. It’s really difficult when you are sick and don’t get paid, because things are already tight. Just last month I had strep throat and my employers still made me come into work for a day, then I just couldn’t and had to take unpaid time.
My husband doesn’t get paid sick days either andhe had to miss a lot of time last year as our son was battling cancer — then when he got sick himself he couldn’t afford to take more time off. I know employers can afford this, and we can’t afford to not have these kinds of basic benefits.
I hope Sens. Christopher Bray and Claire Ayer understand that workingpeople are struggling to get by, that we need this, and that the only right thing to do is vote yes on H.187 so we can take care of ourselves and our families.
Kathleen Gorton

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