Middlebury Police Log: Police look into theft of copper

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police were informed on Jan. 5 of a burglary at a Charles Avenue residence that resulted in the theft of some copper. Investigation continues.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Were informed of the theft of a hunting knife from a Cedar Court residence on Jan. 4.
•  Received a call from a Meadow Way resident about a suspected theft on Jan. 5.
•  Helped a Case Street resident who on Jan. 5 reported a “suspicious” person coming to the door offering a cleaning demonstration. Police could not locate the salesman.
•  Were informed of the theft of a UPS delivery from outside a Ledgewood Court residence on Jan. 5.
•  Responded to an accident, with injuries, off Seymour Street on Jan. 5.
•  Investigated a property ownership complaint involving a former boyfriend/girlfriend couple on Jan. 5.
•  Investigated a report of two people walking down the middle of South Street at a little past midnight on Jan. 5. A witness said both individuals were wearing dark clothing. Police could find no such people in the area.
•  Responded to a report of a woman who allegedly used a fake identification card in an attempt to buy alcohol from a Court Street Extension business on Jan. 6.
•  Helped a local man on Jan. 6 retrieve some of his belongings from a Creek Road home, stemming from a relief from abuse order.
•  Helped Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department investigators with a possible deer jacking incident off North Branch Road on Jan. 6.
•  Were informed of the theft of an unspecified amount of cash from Middlebury College’s Hepburn Hall on Jan. 6.
•  Investigated a reported verbal dispute between two Foster Circle neighbors on Jan. 6.
•  Responded to a domestic dispute involving a family at the homeless shelter at the Charter House on North Pleasant Street on Jan. 7.
•  Checked on the welfare of a man seen walking on Route 7 on Jan. 7.
•  Investigated a noise complaint in the Cross Street area on Jan. 8.
•  Transferred, to the care of a parent, a Middlebury Union High School student who was not complying with requests from MUHS staff on Jan. 8.
•  Were informed on Jan. 8 of the alleged theft of several items from a North Pleasant Street apartment during the past year.
•  Investigated a report of a suspicious truck at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Valley View Drive on Jan. 9.
•  Took, to Porter Hospital, a girl who was threatening to harm herself in the MacIntyre Lane area on Jan. 9.
•  Investigated a reported break-in at a Valley View apartment on Jan. 9. Police said they found no signs of forced entry.
•  Broke up a verbal argument between two people outside of a vehicle at the intersection of Methodist Lane and Seymour Street on Jan. 9.
•  Were informed that a private plow truck had damaged a car parked off Washington Street on Jan. 9.
•  Responded to a reported verbal dispute between a couple at a Court Street residence on Jan. 9. Police said a man agreed to leave the residence.
•  Seized a small amount of marijuana during a traffic stop at the intersection of Route 7 and River Road on Jan. 10.
•  Responded to the Magic Wok restaurant on a report of some customers who were unable to pay their bill on Jan. 10.
•  Investigated a noise complaint at a Court Street apartment on Jan. 10. Police issued a warning to the tenant.
• Cited Nathan Kerr, 19, of Cornwall, for driving under the influence, following a traffic stop on Court Street Extension on Jan. 10. Police said they measured Kerr’s blood-alcohol content at 0.114 percent.
•  Cited Skylar Many, 26, of Middlebury for driving under the influence, after a witness reported seeing a vehicle traveling erratically on Route 116 on Jan. 10. Police said they measured Many’s blood-alcohol content at 0.078 percent.

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