Opinion: Sick leave would help part-timers save

The Healthy Workplace Bill, H.187, will have a positive impact on the health ofour community. The bill will provide paid sick days for thousands of Vermont workers. As an individual who currently doesn’t earn any paid sick days, I am a strong supporter of the bill. I ask my senators to vote in favor of the bill in the upcoming legislative session.
I currently work at Kinney Drugs where I am part-time, so I don’t get anypaid sick leave. This new bill would really benefit me because part-time workers still earn at the rate of one hour for every 40 hours worked. Recently, I hurt my back and ended up losing three hours, which is $33 dollars that I really could have used.
I would like to tell my senators that this bill would not only be helping meout, but everyone in my situation, because most part-time workers don’t get any benefits. Please pass the Healthy Workplace Bill this upcoming session.
Wendi Bedard

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