Opinion: National media fails to to adequately cover Sanders

The U.S. “mainstream media” — all the major networks including NPR, PBS and most egregiously The New York Times — have abandoned responsible journalism for cheap entertainment and sensationalism in presidential campaign coverage.
Every vulgar, ignorant gambit by the top Republican contenders gets hours of airtime and yards of paper and electronic “print.” A serious discussion of the issues, the enormous problems facing the country and how to deal with them, can scarcely be found.
Most distressing — and it does not seem far-fetched to call it a conspiracy — is the virtual blackout outside Vermont on Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Bernie is rising in the polls, has received millions in mostly small contributions, and draws thousands to his speeches; yet he is mentioned, if at all, as an afterthought or a sparring partner for Hillary Clinton, pushing her toward slightly more liberal  positions or forcing her to address topics she would otherwise avoid. He is even something of a joke: the grumpy socialist grandpa from Vermont — ha, ha.
But of all the candidates only Bernie is committed to genuine progress in healthcare, education, economic opportunity and environmental sanity. We don’t have to let the newspapers, networks and the Democratic National Committee limit our choices by pretending he doesn’t exist.
If you agree that Bernie is the best presidential candidate, please don’t add “but he can’t win.” Of course he can win if we nominate and elect him. Back him in every way you can, vote for him in the primary and urge friends and family in other states to do the same. Write letters supporting him. Send him a little money and put one of those great bumper stickers on your car. There is everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.
If Clinton is nominated, reasonable people will have no choice but to vote for her and even work for her to avoid the disaster of a President Trump, Cruz, Rubio or Christie But Hillary is a distant second to Bernie. Why settle for less when the country desperately needs the best?
Judy and Michael Olinick

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