Opinion: Corporations making the rules

“We owe no allegiance; we bow to no throne, our ruler is law, and the law is our own.”
— From the “Song of Vermonters,” 1779.
Today this is not true. Through the mask of renewable energies out of country, corporations have created law and made this their own, through profits, which creates the plundering of Vermont’s wildlife habitat and Vermont’s rural communities.
Corporate Science: Corporate funding has developed their brand of standards, which when looked closely at are not in line with wildlife and human communities. Fossil fuel and renewable science are one and the same, a thread of the same cloth. People are bought and are willing to go along with corporate rules to obtain the results that suit corporate profits.
I watch CEOs say there are no health risks from renewable, wind and solar projects. They have enough money to plow through and buy scientists who are blind in a way but need to play their games to keep working, or they will lose their jobs; same for CEOs and subcontractors who line up for the trough of money — taxpayer’s money — being given for supporting corporate agendas.
Corporate energy policies of secrets and holding those working within the renewable industry are bound by signing the non-disclosure agreements which are telling them they are not able to say anything about any aspect of their dealings, business or health experiences.
Fred Person

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