Opinion: Paid sick leave should be law

I am writing to express my support for the Healthy Workplaces bill, H.187 —and to ask that the Senate pass it into law when they return to Montpelier this January.
I currently work in sales, and I don’t get any paid sickleave or other paid time off. Even when I’m so sick I could be throwing up at work, I go in because I have to. I don’t really have an option, as it’s policy that if workers do not show up for three days in a row, they are automatically fired. Paid sick days would really benefit me because I would be able to stay home, get better, and come back feeling 100 percent.
I hope Sens. Christopher Bray and Claire Ayer will help get the paid sickdays bill (H.187) passed next year so Vermont workers will be better protected and will have more reason to stay and work in the state.
Lynzee Vaughan

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