Opinion: Christmas offers outlet for some amusing riddles

I wrote the following riddles for my elderly brother who has Alzheimer’s disease, and he is limited from the usual. I am a 76-year-old secretary retiree, and not a published writer — just someone who likes to write as a hobby.
Christmas Riddles
Why did the dog bark at the postman?
     So he would “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”
Why did the reindeer stamp his feet?
     Because Santa Claus said “Ho-ho-ho” instead of “Whoa!”
Why are candy canes red and white?
     So the crook will become true.
Why did the stars shine over the stable?
Because the baby Jesus was born on a dark, silent night.
While the shepherds followed the star, who were watching the sheep?
     The sheepish wolf.
Who sang from the heavens above?
     The angels.
Why did the gingerbread boys line up?
     They needed to be frosted.
Why didn’t Frosty the Snowman stop at the traffic light?
     He wasn’t red, green or yellow.
Why did the horses neigh?
     Because they were giving a sleigh ride with no hay.
What happened to the partridge in the pear tree?
     He was in the parlor eating Polly’s crackers.
Why did Santa Claus kiss Mommy?
    He liked rosy cheeks.
Joyce A. Jacquier, Vergennes

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