Opinion: Rothplatt plan would aid pilots

After reading a letter of concern regarding the proposed hangar at theMiddlebury airport, I felt compelled to contribute a few words.
Several years ago, I lived very close to the airport. I do not pretend tobe an aircraft expert, but in my experience the type of helicopter and airplane Ms. Rothblatt employs will be far less noisy than many small prop planes I have heard taking off from the airstrip.
I also know the facilityinstrument upgrades will be a huge safety boost to landings for many pilots, especially in inclement weather and at an airstrip parallel to a 1000-foot vertical rise in the topography.
Finally, a personal observation. Ms. Rothblatt’s foundation is mynext-door neighbor in Bristol. She is a considerate and sensitive neighbor, regardless of her heightened economic profile. There is much justified resentment of “the 1 percent” lately, but sometimes we need to remember that one can be wealthy and still be a nice person.
Jim Cossaart

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