Opinion: Sick leave bill merits support

 I am a strong supporter of the paid sick leave bill. I urge my senators to please pass the Healthy Workplaces bill, H.187, to make paid sick days a reality for nearly all Vermonters.
I’m from Chittenden County and just moved to Bristol. I worked at the Walmart in Williston for 14-and-a-half years. Pay was $5.75 at first, then they raised it a bit when we complained. I only earned two paid sick days a year. However, you would only get paid for the first sick day after you used the second one, so you were always a bit behind.
I currently work at Dollar General in Vergennes and I haven’t gotten any paid sick days since June. In retail you learn that when you are sick you just have to suck it up and go to work anyways. Then you are interacting with the public all day, and this is a public health concern.
I recognize that there may be abuse sometimes, but the average worker needs this benefit so that they can feel better when they are sick. Please pass this bill.
Carol Hulett

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