Opinion: Paid sick days a sound objective

I strongly advocate for the passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill H.187. Passing the bill would give many more workers paid sick days and be a step towards a healthier Vermont for all.
I am originally from Connecticut, but I have been in Vermont for a long time. I worked out of Burlington as a truck driver for 20 years, all the while living in Bristol. I worked 12-hour driving shifts. I didn’t earn sick days so when I was sick, I’d have to drive half-dead, because otherwise I wouldn’t get paid. Overall, I did enjoy the driving work.
I think it is a heck of a good idea to allow all people to have sick days so that sick people are not working. For drivers especially, we need to keep sick drivers off the road because they can’t keep focused and accidents can kill people.
Sen. Christopher Bray and Claire Ayer, please do the right thing and vote in favor of paid sick days.
Theodore Manila, Bristol

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