Deadline for Vermont wildlife habitat conservation farm grants is Nov, 20

MONTPELIER — Vermont landowners are reminded that Nov. 20 is the application deadline for a federal program that provides financial assistance and expertise to landowners seeking to employ wildlife habitat conservation practices on their property. Funded through the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Environmental Quality Incentives Program covers habitat work, from managing forests for game populations to restoring field and wetlands for songbirds.
Landowners who apply for the program now will be eligible to begin the process next spring, when a Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department biologist will visit the property and provide guidance on suggested habitat improvements. The biologist will also work with landowners to find a contractor to carry out the approved habitat upgrades, which are funded by the program.
“We encourage any landowner who is interested in managing their land for forestry or wildlife to get in touch with us,” said Dave Adams, the wildlife biologist who oversees the program for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “We work with you to develop goals and then provide the planning, funding, and expertise.”
Depending on the goals of the landowner, biologists may suggest cutting sections of forest to promote habitat for game species like grouse, woodcock and deer. They can develop a plan to fix old forest roads to improve water quality or create habitat for songbirds such as warblers.
“This program is a great chance for landowners to manage their lands for wildlife. We can help you create a legacy of conservation on your property for this and future generations to enjoy,” said Adams.
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