Opinion: RNeSU union concerns called into question

Random thoughts and questions about the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union contract issues (Addison Independent, Nov. 5).
Why did the union wait until now to vote to set a strike date? Could it be that sports and other activities would be disrupted and they didn’t want the public backlash against them, so it is easier to wait until the playoffs and such are over?
Miss Johnson talks about respect, and yet how rude and disrespectful she is mentioning others’ salaries and such that in fact have nothing to do with the union bargaining for a new contract. Also some of the people on the school board have been there for years as nobody else will run for public office.
In regard to salary, many people might be interested in knowing that many districts simply require an associate’s degree or equivalent college credit in order to be considered for hiring as a paraeducator. That is some different than a radiologist or attorney and other professions. And doesn’t the union also have a high-paid attorney helping them out?
As to insurance, recently Medicare announced that insurance premiums may rise to $150 per month for some people and there will be no raise for Social Security recipients this year. And recently the district in which I live in just settled a contract that calls for paraeducators to pay 20 percent of their policy for insurance.
How many people know that the pay paraeducators make is for 180 days work (36 weeks, 36 hours a week). Using the figures in the paper, say $16,000, that leaves 16 weeks to work elsewhere.
I bet if more towns printed town reports like Proctor where salary earned and other information was easier to read and understand with each person’s salary listed individually and some by the hourly pay, then maybe the public might support the union members more. Bet the unions won’t go for it though. Maybe the public should demand it in the future. 
Brian E. Fillioe

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