Just stoppin’ by: Slideshow of migrating bird photos

It’s that time of the year and my wife and I got up a bit earlier than usual Wednesday morning and headed out to the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison to see the snow geese. While the numbers don’t rival the 10,000-plus birds the area used to attract a couple of decades ago, there are currently 2,000-plus geese in the area this week, according to recent reports, including many just feet from the viewing area when we visited.
I took these photos with a 300mm lens on my Nikon D300, hand-held with my auto focus on the blink. Because much of the action was shooting south or eastward (into the sun) I had to pick my shots looking west for better exposure while the others were either shot overhead or southeastward, but still with suitable results. An afternoon visit might provide better light for photos, but I also found the morning sun helpful to produce the Alfred Hitchcock effect, at bottom, of hundreds of geese commandeering the sky.
Click the photo below to see the slideshow.

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