Opinion: True patriots don’t need more gun control

I was saddened to read an article by publisher/owner of my local newspaper that stresses more gun control. More unnecessary, unneeded controls that the true patriotic American gun owner doesn’t need.
Vermont, as our sister states New Hampshire and Maine, has no gun problems, only worthless petty thieves and drug pushers. Once in a while a criminal fleeing the law from other states.
He takes his opinion from other states like Washington, California, New York and other states where gun crime is the largest. The top crime with guns already have the strictest gun laws that are not enforced, like a federal law of 10 years in prison if possessing a firearm without the lawful permits or you are a felon.
In New York, I saw in a magazine a picture of a 12-year-old child gang member with a .45 autoloader in his belt. In the most gun-control state, Washington, a picture of Black Panthers gang all carrying illegal guns, shotguns and automatic rifles with large ammo clips, while the police stood by letting them do their thing.
The worst problem in this country’s top lawless our president, who protects, even releases from, prosecution those that truly will cause grief to patriotic Americans. We, especially New Englanders, do not need our hunting, target shooting, plus self-protection from those who would shoot you for your car keys or rob your shop when thinking you are not armed.
Do you think some criminal will obey new gun laws while facing 10 years now in a federal lockup, plus, like Vermont, five years if you are a felon also.
Arnold Gale

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