Opinion: Guest editorial was off base on AARP pipeline concerns

I was shocked and angered by the comments of Emerson Lynn in his guest editorial of Oct. 12. A personal cool-down period was required so that I would not make similar mistakes to his.
We each have the right to our opinion and in stating it we should never attack people that feel differently. Mr. Lynn used some of the belittling tactics that we now find commonplace on the national political scene. Sound bites taken out of context or the mesmerizing shouting of offensive one-liners should be left, at least at present, to “The Donald.”
Eric Marchildon, the state director of AARP, has attempted to spotlight the unfairness of the recent proposals of Vermont Gas’s methods of funding its gas pipeline. As a senior myself I am proud to know an organization that is willing to take on the serious task of researching the long-term effects of such a proposal. Frankly, I wish your paper would be willing to do the same. The powerless individual needs representation and the Public Service Department of Vermont seems unwilling to do its job.
I read much of this summer’s testimony given at the Public Service Board hearings and, after reading Mr. Lynn’s comments, I fear he has not. His comment about Mr. Marchildon being against alternative energy because millions of dollars would be lost by the other fossil fuel businesses is an insult to our intelligence. And suggesting that Mr. Marchildon’s only concern is for the interests of ratepayers from Chittenden and Franklin counties is short-sighted. Much of the testimony given in the PBS hearings revealed the substantial cost of conversion for new off-takers in Addison County. If Mr. Lynn truly understood these expenses, he would realize that the payback period for any senior simply makes this not a good deal.
Mr. Lynn also failed to mention the emerging alternative of compressed natural gas, which would work perfectly well for energy-needy industries, if only they were willing to pay their fair share for acquiring it. Is he suggesting that we ignore our state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan? Shouldn’t we be accepting of this “bridge fuel” as the way to ultimately achieve our energy goals?
Do your homework, Mr. Lynn. And please don’t try to obstruct those that are working in our best interests.
Norton Latourelle

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