Middlebury Police Log for Oct. 22: Police look into missing money

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police received a report that an unspecified amount of money had been stolen from the Middlebury College Dining Service office on College Street on Oct. 14.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
• Were informed of the theft of $6 from a vehicle parked off Porter Field Road on Oct. 12. Police said the culprit(s) had smashed the driver’s-side front window in order to get inside the vehicle.
• Assisted with a neighbor dispute in the North Pleasant Street neighborhood on Oct. 12. Police issued a no-trespass order to one of those involved in the dispute.
• Warned a man who was seen climbing up an old grain tower off MacIntyre Way on Oct. 12.
• Received a report from a Cedar Court resident who claimed someone had been in her apartment while she was away on Oct. 12.
• Responded to a report of a child yelling for help at a Case Street residence on Oct. 13. Police determined that it was two teenaged brothers fighting over a pizza.
• Responded to a report of a young boy screaming and crying while pounding on the door of a Seymour Street residence on Oct. 13. Police contacted the child’s parent, who replied he had not heard the child at the door.
• Launched an investigation into a possible embezzlement case at an unspecified Boardman Street location on Oct. 13.
• Were informed of the theft of a vehicle that had been parked on Ridgeline Road on Oct. 14.
• Assisted a local woman who alleged that her ex-boyfriend had been harassing her by phone on Oct. 14.
• Investigated a report of an underage drinking party at a North Pleasant Street residence on Oct. 14. When police arrived, they found the home dark and no one in the area.
• Responded to a vehicle-deer collision on Route 7 South on Oct. 16.
• Checked on the welfare of a child who had been bitten by a dog on South Munger Street on Oct. 16.
• Went to the scene of a two-car crash, with no injuries, in The Centre parking lot off Court Street Extension on Oct. 16.
• Were informed of the theft of a purse from a Benedict Lane residence on Oct. 16. Police said there are no suspects at this time.
• Responded to a report of an angry customer at the Ben Franklin store on Main Street on Oct. 16. Police said the customer had left prior to their arrival on the scene.
• Investigated a report of a loud, Middlebury College student party at a home on Seymour Street Extension on Oct. 17. Police said the resident turned off the music and disbanded the party.
• Received a report of a man sleeping in a common area in a college building off Old Chapel Road on Oct. 17. Police said it appeared as though the man was drunk, and he ran off when authorities approached him.

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